Best Waterproof Biking Backpacks

VD October 10 2021

You should never undervalue the significance of the right biking backpack to enjoy the commute. Biking is undoubtedly a great form of exercise, but there can be nothing worse than getting all your gear and clothes soaked in rainwater. However, if you have a good waterproof bicycle backpack, then it becomes possible for you to tackle the rainy rides without putting your equipment at risk. Therefore, waterproof bicycle backpacks can be the best choice to make your commute comfortable in any weather conditions.

The best waterproof biking backpack is small and smart commuting equipment that has multitudes of advantages. Such backpacks offer ample storage compartments for your belongings and come with the added advantage of being water-resistant. For example, you can carry all your stuff including your laptop, iPad, etc. over a long ride without worrying about the rainwater seeping in through the backpack's opening or straps.

This ensures that rainwater won't harm any of your things stored inside the bag. Some waterproof cycling backpacks even have reflective strips on them to ensure high visibility at night time or during foggy weather conditions. Nowadays one doesn't have to be a professional biker to enjoy the benefits of having a waterproof backpack while going on a ride.

Even if you are a casual rider, then also there is no harm in getting yourself one of these backpacks. You can use this backpack on a daily commute to work or even carry it along with you for a picnic, as it is compatible with all weather conditions. In order to enjoy your biking adventure to the fullest, it's important that one should carry the best gear with him/her. This includes having a waterproof bike rack pack along with you which ensures that nothing of yours gets soaked if the weather isn't favorable.

In fact, there are hundreds of great backpacks available in the market, and therefore choosing a particular one can be a difficult task for most people. But worry no more because we have reviewed some of the best waterproof bags based on their performance and durability. You can check out these reviews, go through their description and make an informed decision while purchasing your biking backpack. Now it's time for you to get on the saddle and enjoy the ride while keeping all of your belongings safe inside a waterproof bag.

Best waterproof backpacks for biking

Brooks England Pickwick Day Pack

The majority of users know Brooks for the classic leather saddles, but the Pickwick Day Pack comes with a waxed canvas and is just like an heirloom item. The waterproofing ability of this waterproof bicycle backpack comes from the same technique that is being applied in producing wax jackets, but the difference is that it has numerous accouterments for a bike commuter of modern days. The waterproof biking backpack can last for many years, as it comes with a padded laptop sleeve, adjustable straps, and a dedicated tool pocket.

Henty Wingman All-Sports Backpack

This waterproof bicycle backpack is cleverly designed and is considered excellent for commuters who work in more formal offices. It comes with a built-in garment carrier, which can be great for carrying a dress or a suit and avoiding any crumple marks that you don't want. Its interior has plenty of room for your laptop and other items. Henty Wingman Backpack is water-resistant, which means that it will work if there is a light shower but not heavy rain.

Backsak Waterproof Backpack 25L

This waterproof bicycle backpack by Backsak is made from waterproof PVC, and in order to seal out water, it has high-frequency welded seams. It is one of the top waterproof biking backpacks that is simple, light, and offers a great deal if you are planning to hold a full day's worth of clothing and gear that also comes with a laptop. It can also accommodate shoes, a six-pack of beer, a spare jacket, and a helmet. When not in use, you can pack this waterproof bicycle backpack down small for storage because it has a minimal structure.

Ortlieb Commuter City Daypack

Ortlieb is among the best-known names when it comes to panniers. There is no doubt that Ortlieb offers some of the most durable bags and their Commuter City Daypack from on-bike to on-body luggage. This waterproof biking backpack also retains the reliable roll-top closure and utterly waterproof construction that this brand is known for. It can definitely be a great choice if you are sure that you might get caught in a storm since this waterproof bicycle backpack also offers a padded laptop sleeve as well as a bike lock holster.

Sealline Urban Backpack

If you are able to stay visible, then biking in the rain can indeed be a safe experience. The Urban backpack by Sealline helps you to achieve this because of the bright colors and an LED light loop. The waterproof biking backpack offers loads of room for your clothes, lunch, and computer and is entirely waterproof. It also comes with a well-padded back panel and a comfortable shoulder harness that makes it very comfortable to wear, especially if you are on long rides.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to understand that when you have a sweaty back, it can surely leave a thick puddle of different items on your waterproof bicycle backpack, and this can never be ideal. If you are braving the weather and wind, you would like to have a rucksack that offers you a helping hand rather than making things uncomfortable for you. Therefore, waterproof biking backpacks are the ideal choice for you, as you would like to have extra storage pockets, reliability, and style when you ride the bike.


Is a waterproof bicycle backpack really waterproof?

A waterproof backpack is always wholly waterproof, but it can be a little heavy and have fewer features as compared to other backpacks. Usually, these bags have rugged construction, reinforced seams, and a roll-top closure to seal any water.

How to know if a bicycle backpack is waterproof?

The material of the biking backpack is a significant factor that determines whether or not it is waterproof. In this regard, you have to consider two essential components, the fabric as well as the zipper. Another thing to consider is how the materials affect the overall ability of the backpack to keep the water out.

How important is it to have a waterproof backpack?

The most significant advantage of having waterproof bicycle backpacks is that these bags keep your belongings safe from any damages that are caused by water. In general, these biking backpacks are excellent for camping, mountaineering, and other activities involving water crossing.