This is what we do.

We are big fans of bicycles and cycling. We ride to work, we ride long-distance trips for fun, we go on day tours. But once you get a bike, there's this problem: how do you carry everything? Panniers are one solution, but they aren't as convenient as using a bag. That's why we've got an idea of creating a website about bags review.

Our website burrobags.com  is dedicated to the review, comparison, and rating of all sorts of bags and especially bags for biking. It includes saddlebags, frame bags, handlebar bags, tank bags, and all other kinds of bike bags.

Who we are?

We are two people who ride bikes. Those of us who know what it's like to be on an adventure with only the stuff you can carry in your pockets or backpack understand how important it is to have a bag that allows you to carry everything you need for any kind of road situation. And we think there should be a website dedicated specifically to bags review, comparison, and rating. While there are many other websites about cycling equipment reviews, those focus too much on the technical details and not enough on user experience. That's why we decided to make our own website!

What we do

Our main goal is to describe in detail what we like and dislike about the bags. We do our best to provide information so that you can make a decision and buy a bag that suits your needs.

What is our website focus on?

Our priority is to deliver information based on personal experience because it allows us to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of every bag we've got hands-on experience with. We'll always try to be as impartial as possible because we want you to make your own conclusions by reading our articles or watching our videos. But don't worry – if there's something bad about a certain product, rest assured that we'll say it loud and clear!

Who is our target audience?

Basically, everyone who rides a bicycle – be it to work, for fun, or as a hobby. Also, those who use other means of transportation – we believe that all people should carry their stuff in bags because it's much easier than using backpacks. For example, you can easily put your groceries into a bag and also take advantage of the water-resistant features that most good bike bags have.

Where do you expect this website to be in a few years?

We would like our website to become a go-to place for people who look for information and reviews of bags that they need for their adventures. That's why we will always try to expand the range of products we cover so we can help more people. We also plan on adding more content such as tips, "how-to" guides, and videos about proper bag usage and maintenance. All this should make us an indispensable resource not only for beginners but also experienced users. If you have any questions or suggestions then feel free to contact us anytime!

We would be happy to know what you think about our website and welcome all feedback, suggestions, questions. If you have any interesting material about bags that might fit into our site well, feel free to contact us as well. Stay with us and we will make this site even better!