Best Bike Camera Bags in 2021

VD October 10 2021

Over the past few years, bike camera bags have increased in popularity, and the main reason is that they have enough space for carrying different gear types and are sturdy built. These bike camera bags also provide you with storage compartments that are accessible, and therefore, you need to consider all your requirements and what plans you have on using them. You can use bike camera bags to store the tablet, laptop, and camera in order to catch beautiful views of nature when hiking or even mountain climbing. However, there are various different types of these bags available on the market, and you need to choose which one will suit your needs.

The Advantages Of Using A Bike Camera Bag

The design of these bike camera bags makes it possible for them to be attached to the seat post of your bicycle with the help of a strap though most come with Velcro attachments. Once mounted onto bicycle seat posts, they can be easily removed just as fast by pulling out the straps/Velcroes that were used to bind them firmly in place. Other than this advantage, some bags also provide you with storage compartments on the sides so that you can store water bottles without having any difficulties whatsoever. Some others come with magnets which allow them not only to stick to the bikes but also to other metallic surfaces without any problems.

The Different Types Of Bike Camera Bags For Cameras And Other Gear

There are various different types of these bags available on the market, and each one is meant for providing you with great storage space so that you can carry your equipment in a safe way. Some bags come with special compartments which allow them to store specific items like cameras (video or still) while others don't have such pockets/compartments and are generally used for storing smaller items. You might even get some saddlebags that support water bottles, which give you storage space for carrying several other gears at once without having to worry about stopping your bike frequently to take photos/videos.

The Backpack Style

Some of these bags come with a backpack style, and they are made in such a manner that you can store all types of items (cameras, tablets, laptop, etc.) without any difficulties whatsoever. The reason being that they have multiple pockets/compartments which allow for storing different gear types simultaneously without having to stop the bike frequently. On top of this, most backpacks also provide you with ways to carry hydration packs on your shoulders so that you remain healthy throughout the journey.

The Frame Bag Type

Another type of bike camera bag is meant for providing storage space on the frames themselves, and they have been designed in such a way that allows them to attach onto road or mountain bike frames. While some bags have a Velcro strap that can be used to bind them into place, others rely on zippers that allow the straps/Velcroes to attach to the frame. This style of bike camera bag is mostly found in smaller sizes so that they don't get in the way of your legs while you are riding your bike.

The Saddle Bag Type

This type of bike camera bag comes with a design that allows it to fit between your thighs and under your seat post, just above the rear wheel axle for attaching onto road or mountain bikes. These saddle bags are great if you are looking for an easy way to carry extra water bottles or other small gear without having to spend money on buying multiple different bags. The only thing that you need to be concerned about with this design is that your legs might get in the way of your gear, and can cause problems when trying to access them while riding.

Recommendations For The Best Bike Camera Bags

The only problem which you might face when choosing these bags is their sizing, and therefore you should carefully measure the size of your bike's seat post before buying one. Another important factor would be storage space so that you can carry all necessary gears without having any difficulties whatsoever. Additionally, if you are looking for a backpack-style bag that allows for storing hydration packs on your shoulders, then make sure it has enough compartments/pockets for carrying other gears at once. Once again, make sure to consider all these sections before purchasing a bike camera bag to avoid any last-minute inconvenience.

List of top bike camera bags

LowePro LP37177 ProTactic Backpack

ProTactic by LowePro is among the largest bike camera bags available in the market and has enough room to fit two DSLR camera bodies as well as an extra lens. This is only about the main compartment, while the other compartments have enough space to fit a laptop, extra lenses, flashguns, and numerous accessories. You can choose from four access points for easy access, which include one at the back, two on the sides, and a top panel.

Ibera Bike Handlebar Bag for Camera Equipment

This is one of the best quality bike camera bags that comes with a padded interior in order to keep your equipment from getting any scratches and dings. It has dedicated side pockets that can keep your memory cards and batteries, whereas a waterproof rain cover can indeed prove handy during rainy conditions. You can effortlessly take this bike camera bag on and off because of the handlebars or replace them with a strap that can be used to carry the bike camera bag across your torso.

Beschoi DSLR Camera Backpack

This is a waterproof bike camera bag that is specially designed for outdoor enthusiasts. Overall, it is the right camera bag for mountain bikers and comes in a black color to protect all your valuables from the sun, whereas a red streak offers a touch of color. It has enough space to fit two DSLR cameras, laptops, tablets, and six lenses. To have easy access to the gear, it has dual lids, multi-functional compartments, and a rain cover to offer additional protection.

Endurax DSLR/SLR Backpack

This Endurax bike camera bag comes with enough space to fit all your travel essentials, as well as a camera with ease. It gives you multiple storage options, and all of these are easy to access. There are two main compartments at its bottom and top, and both are big enough to handle a DSLR camera and four lenses. In the bottom compartment, there is a space for six additional lenses, while a dedicated compartment can accommodate a tablet and a laptop and comes with cotton dividers for comfortable landing space.

LowePro LP36890 Backpack

This hybrid photography bike camera bag by LowePro has two halves. One has different compartments for the photography gear, while the other can easily fit the hiking gear. You can pick from a number of storage compartments, including a top area best for the trail riding essentials. Its durability makes it an ideal bike camera bag to have when you are planning for a trail ride.

Final Words

Bike camera bags come with a number of features specially designed to offer comfortable carrying, keep all your essentials organized, and protect the equipment. Most of these bike camera bags are water-resistant and are suitable for trail riding. With a bike camera bag, you can have peace of mind by knowing that all your accessories are stored safely and a safe ride.


Are expensive bike camera bags worth it?

It is unnecessary for the expensive camera bags to be better because a well-established brand with a wide range of products may not be the right one for you. On the other hand, a smaller brand can offer you unique products that may suit your needs better.

Why do we need a camera bag?

A camera bag can save you a lot of money, and you can invest this money in a new trip or a lens. A conventional backpack may not be able to draw too much attention as compared to a camera bag. Although, any bag can be turned into a camera bag with a few accessories, and for starters, it could be a good solution.

What should be carried in a bike camera bag?

A few essential things need to be kept in the bike camera bags, including spare batteries, LED head torch, tripod, a waterproof notebook, binoculars, multitool, a map, and a compass.