Best Phone Mounts for Bicycles

VD September 09 2021

These days, smartphones are an essential part of bicycle riders’ equipment. Many bikers use smartphones for different purposes like mapping, tracking, and recording different routes. Riders also love to listen to music and take photos, just like the rest of us. This means that the riders would want to mount their phones to their bikes.

When you have the best phone mount for a bicycle, it indeed is one of the best ways to safeguard the smartphone and all of its needed functions within easy reach. Before going for a phone mount, it is essential that you ensure its compatibility and make sure that it stays firmly attached to the device because you would never like the smartphone to be destroyed since you bought it with your hard-earned money.

Choosing the suitable bike phone mount

When you start looking for the best phone mount for a bicycle, as a cyclist, you need to consider some of your specific needs and go for the one that is able to meet them. It is never a bad idea to go for a few rides and understand how you would like to use the bike phone mount. As each bike mount is a little different, you have to consider many variations.

Mounting method

Different phone mounts utilize different mounting methods for bikes. There are some that can be attached to the handlebars with a strap, and they work like a belt, while others tend to mount with one point of attachment that can be tightened with an Allen key. When you select the best mount, keep in mind that some mounting methods can be more robust than others.


If most of your time is spent riding the bicycle on rough trails and wet or windy weather, then you have to choose the bicycle mount that is specially built by keeping durability in mind. A mount built of silicone or plastic cannot be as much durable as the one made with metal.


The phone mount's design actually determines how it looks on the bike and the amount of drag it can add to the overall rig. Some mounts may be sleek-looking, but they are specially designed to minimize any resistance. A number of low-profile designs shake less while riding at high speeds and over the bumps.

List of the best Phone Mounts for your bike

Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount

This is a field-tested mount that you will find robust as well as light in weight. Its impressive versatility increases its value, whereas the adjustable clamp fits snugly on the handlebars. The Roam Universal bike phone mount can accommodate any smartphone with a maximum width of 3.5 inches.

The mount can clamp onto your device through a plastic grip and a silicone net, which makes all corners of your phone secured tightly to the mount. Although you may not find it to be the most durable of the mounts, a combo of silicone net and hard plastic can hold up well to the road cycling demands, which makes it the best phone mount for bicycles.

Quad Lock Out Front Bike Mount

This is an elegantly designed and sleek bike mount and is undoubtedly an attractive choice for those riders who would love to maintain their bike's clean line with an aesthetic and a slim mount. The thin profile of the Quad Lock bike mount goes a long way to decrease any wind drag, as it is not thicker than the usual phone cases.

During a ride, if you plan to stop and have a quick photo, removing the phone from this mount can be quick and easy, and when you are done, you can replace it. When compared with all other mounts from different brands, the Quad Lock bike mount weighs very little.

Bovon Bike Phone Mount

The Bovon Bike Phone Mount is a great value option and is capable of doing your job with minimal frills and a streamlined design. Many cyclists love its clever knob-controlled tightening system, and when the knob is turned, the adjustable rubber strap gets tightened around the handlebar. It means that this mount is capable of working with bars of just about any diameter.

The rubber corner cradling straps of this mount are capable of fitting any smartphone with a screen that measures around 4.5-6.7 inches. When your phone gets secured by the straps, you can rotate it from the portrait to the landscape mode with minimum effort. As compared to the other bike mount options, the Bovon mount needs a little more time when the phone is mounted or detached.

Nite Ize Wraptor Rotating Smartphone Bar Mount

This affordable handlebar phone mount is quite famous among users but is a bit bulkier than the other mount options. It is pretty compatible with a good variety of phones and is relatively easy to install, which makes it the best mount for a bicycle to have.

The Nite Ize bar mount uses a belt system so that the mount gets secured to the handlebars. It is different in the sense that it has a series of holes that one can choose from. If the diameter of your handlebar fits in between the two belt holes, then there are chances that this mount won’t be fully snug while riding.

Rock Bros Phone Front Frame Bag

Rock Bros frame bag is the best available option for those who want a product capable of combining storage and a secure place for mounting a smartphone. When going for long rides, a number of cyclists are looking for a place to store essential items like a pump, water, patch kit, and much more. This combination of a bag and amount is capable of consolidating all your belongings in a single place.

A TPU film sleeve on the top of the bag holds your phone and still offers you access to the touch screen. The phone gets protected from the sun, dirt, or debris because of a handy visor, especially when you cruise along at high speeds. Despite having a few drawbacks, the Rock Bros phone frame bag is a great choice when you want to have more space while riding.


As a cycling enthusiast, you would undoubtedly want a durable, solid, and secure mount to keep your smartphone steady as well as safe even on rough and rocky track riding. It would be pretty helpful if you always looked for the best phone mount for a bicycle that has a more robust and knock-resistant attachment system. If you want to get the best results with biking, it will be a wise idea to pair the mount with a phone case that you consider reliable.