The Best Bicycle Panniers

VD September 09 2021

It is always easy to carry any load on your bike instead of your own back because this way, there is less weight on your backside, shoulders, and hands, whereas you will also sweat less. It is worth noting that the further you ride and the more weight you carry, you will need to buy bike panniers bags. 

A bicycle pannier can be the best solution for carrying luggage on your bike, and instead of taking the weight on your shoulders, it is the bike that takes the weight. This helps you to carry more items in terms of volume and weight as compared to a backpack. In order to make sure that you reach work in a fresh manner or haul the camping gear on holiday, bike panniers can be used alone or as a pair.

How do bike panniers function?

Most of the bicycle pannier bags that we see around tend to work on a basic and universal attachment system. A bike pannier rack is fixed on your bike, and with a series of hooks, the panniers hang off the rack. One can mount the bicycle pannier either on the front fork or beside the rear wheel. The majority of bikers get started at the rear before they load the front.

The bike panniers are labeled as either front or rear. The significant difference is that the front panniers are not at risk of being dragged on the ground when they are placed beside the rear wheel. This means that the front bicycle panniers can easily be used on the rear side of the bike, but the back panniers cannot be used on the front.

List of top bicycle panniers

Bike panniers come in different price ranges, as they can cost from a few dollars to several hundred. You can get waterproofing, more rigid materials, and replaceable fixings when you spend more. The following is the list of the top bicycle panniers available in the market.

Ortlieb Back-Roller Classic

These bags are among the most popular ones with round-the-world tourists and are waterproof, rugged, and easily repairable. The Ortlieb Roller Classic bags come with a rigid nylon-reinforced material and are famous for the way they close. A simple roll of the top makes them waterproof, while it also becomes relatively easy to adjust a capacity of 20 liters.

These panniers come with a guarantee of 5 years, while all of their fixings are widely available and can be replaced easily. They have shoulder straps and internal pockets, which are included as standard, which makes the Classics the best out of the Ortlieb's extensive range.

Elops 500 Waterproof Bike Bag

Although it is a budget option, its quality is still sufficient to be recommended by many bicycle enthusiasts. These panniers by the Elops brand are made to keep your kit dry in any situation because of their excellent material. With the help of a pair of buckles, their tops happen to roll and then get clipped together. It is sad to know that the premium styling cannot be extended to the back of the bag, where there is a much more basic attachment system.

There are simple hooks backed by a tab that can be twisted in order to prevent the panniers from bouncing off the rack of your bike. Rather than having a conventional rail, you will see a Velcro loop at the base. Because of this, these bike panniers bags are a little more fiddle to fit, but when looking at the price, one won’t complain too much.

Thule Pack n Pedal Shield

These bright-colored bicycle panniers get covered with reflective elements and are designed to keep you and your stuff safe when you are on the road. The Thule Pack n Pedal Shield uses a clip system that is easy to mount and is twinned with a magnet lower fixing, which is quite unique. This makes both of these secure to use as well as fast to fit.

You will find these panniers to be completely waterproof because of a roll-top closure and a welded construction. It is worth noting that each of the panniers weighs a little less than 1 Kg despite having a 25-liter capacity which is quite sizable.

Altura Dryline 2

There is a wide range of panniers manufactured by Altura, but their Dryline models are famous for the robust fabric that is waterproof as well as tough, whereas one can get excellent security because of its lid type closure. Dryline 2 bike panniers bags have a capacity of 56 liters split between its multiple pockets. This way, it is possible to access and organize things easily, which makes it great for those who love to organize everything.

These bike panniers use KlickFix fixings from Kaul and Rixen, which makes them way ahead of the flimsy attachments employed by the majority of rival brands. It also ensures easy drop-on and drop-off fitting, which is also replaceable. Therefore, if you damage them somehow or become loose, you can easily replace your bicycle pannier.

Carradice Super C

These bike panniers are British-made and are made in the name of the individual who stitched them into a label. It is a known fact that Carradice Super C has remained a staple choice of practical tourists for a number of years. There is an extra unit having a separate lid that supplements this sizeable main compartment,  which makes it easy to organize everything.

Although the panniers may have retro looks, yet these have one of the best-fixing systems that one can have. Carradice Super C has a robust aluminum rail hanging off, whereas the Quick-Clip fittings allow fast and secure fixing to the bike. When you remove them, you can clip together both the panniers for easy carrying, while the adjustable straps make an easy portage. 

Final Thoughts

Bike pannier bags are usually sold in sets of two, but those who prefer a self-supported tour on a bike can purchase two pannier sets. The primary benefit of having panniers is that the weight of your gear gets placed onto the bicycle's frame and not your back, shoulders, neck, or body. Although you may find many ways to carry your personal belongings, on a bicycle tour, bike panniers are considered the most famous transporting means, whether it is a short tour near your residence or a bicycle touring adventure of long-distance.