Comfortable crossbody bags with water bottle holders

Susan Fernandez January 01 2022

Crossbody bags are for carrying stuff and keeping hands free. If you want to carry a school book, purse, and lunch box at the same time, then you need to use a backpack or a crossbody bag.

How to choose a good crossbody bag with a water bottle holder?

Water bottles are great for these bags because they are the most likely to be needed. They can also help you carry more stuff around in your bag, so most of the weight is not on your shoulders.

  • Make sure it is long enough

Check that bottom of the water bottle holder does not hang too low or stick out at an awkward angle. If it does, then move on to other options. You don't want a crossbody bag with a water bottle holder that's too uncomfortable to use!

  • Make sure it isn't too wide (if there will be stuff besides water bottles in it)

If you plan to put non-small items like binders and textbooks into this bag, then make sure that the water bottle holder isn't so wide that the bag becomes too bulky to carry in your arm.

  • Get a durable and stylish crossbody strap and flap/buckle

This is crucial! If you get a cheap one, then it will be flimsy and easy to break. It might break while it's still on your shoulder, which could hurt (if not cut!) since it's really close to your face. And if the buckle breaks off, then you won't be able to wear this bag anymore! So make sure that you get something strong and attractive enough to use for years.

  • Check out how much it costs

You can get a cute and strong crossbody bag with a water bottle holder for about $20. And you might be able to find one for even less than that, depending on where you shop.

  • Get the right size for your body

This is really important! You should choose a crossbody bag that fits your body well. If it's too big or too small, then it won't feel comfortable. Your arm will start to hurt after time; the strap might hit your neck, which could make it hard to breathe! So if you can't try this out in person (like online shopping), then see what the sizing options are, like XS-XL or S/M-L/XL). See how much space it has, and make sure that you'll be able to wear it for long periods of time.

12 best crossbody bags with water bottle holders

Baggallini Everywhere crossbody bag:

The Baggallini Everywhere is a great crossbody bag with a water bottle holder. It has three main compartments for you to use, along with six other pockets. Inside one of these eight zippered sections, there's room for your water bottle!

This is not too wide and it doesn't hang too low... so it will be both comfortable and convenient when you carry it around. But the bag itself is also pretty small, so if you want something bigger or smaller, then this probably isn't the best choice.

Vera Bradley Large zip-around:

This type of Vera Bradley bag is very stylish and fun to use in general! There are flowery prints that look beautiful and unique compared to other similar bags.

It is very comfortable when you wear it, but it can't hold larger or non-thin items like binders, notebooks, textbooks, etc. So this bag is really only good for carrying your wallet, sunglasses, cell phone, and water bottle! And since the strap isn't adjustable, it does not fit everyone well... so if you want a bigger crossbody bag with a water bottle holder that's more versatile in terms of what you carry inside it, then this might not be the right pick for you.

MHCNLL crossbody bags:

This is a big crossbody bag with a water bottle holder that's great for people who need to carry lots of stuff around. It has two main compartments, plus 9 zippered pockets and one open pocket.

So you can fit books, binders, even your laptop inside this! The only small downside is that it might be bigger than what you want. But if you absolutely need to carry lots of large objects in your purse or bag, then this will do the job well.

Travilon anti-theft medium crossbody bag:

This is a great option if you want to store your water bottle in the front pocket of your crossbody bag! There are other pockets available, so you can use them for things like sunglasses, pens, etc.

The strap is adjustable which means it will fit most people well. And at 10" H x 8 1/2" W x 4 D, this bag isn't too big or too small... it's just right for carrying around everyday items. This type of bag may be able to carry more than just that though; since the flap has magnets on it, then perhaps there's a hidden section with enough room for some cash and cards?

STUOYE crossbody bags:

The STUOYE crossbody bag comes in many stylish colors and patterns, so you can find something for both men and women. Like other bags with water bottle holders, this type has an adjustable strap to fit most body sizes.

Another thing to note about this bag is that the flap doesn't lock at all... it just uses magnets. This means that if someone were able to get past the magnet without you noticing, then they could easily steal whatever's inside your purse! But if you don't mind risking some potential loss of money/items... then go ahead and get this one; it's very lightweight, easy to carry around, and looks great overall.

Vanlison crossbody sling bag:

This bag has many pockets to hold different items in, but it's worth noting that there is no designated space for your water bottle. So you'd have to figure out a way to carry it around with you instead.

This type of bag also has an adjustable strap and looks nice overall. And although this one doesn't appear very big at all... the measurements actually show that it can fit objects up to 16" H x 9 1/2" W x 7 D! This definitely gives users more room than what they might expect from looking at the product alone... so if the size is important, then go ahead and get this crossbody bag with water bottle holder today.

Oakarbo nylon crossbody purse:

This type of crossbody bag with a water bottle holder is different than the other ones we've shown you so far. It has a solid design and no indication or space for a water bottle storage area. And it only comes in black; nothing else!

But since this one is very spacious (12" H x 8 3/4" W x 3 1/2 D) users can store lots of different items inside... maybe even their laptop if they feel up to carrying that around! This type of bag also doesn't actually look like a typical purse; it looks more like a sling bag instead because the strap goes over your shoulder and across your chest rather than your back (if you're right-handed).

G4Free crossbody sling backpack:

The G4Free crossbody bag with a water bottle holder is different than most of the others we've shown you so far. It's really more like a sling backpack because the strap goes over your shoulder and across your chest much like a normal back-worn sling bag.

This type has lots of small compartments for storing things, but there isn't any designated space for carrying around a water bottle inside it. And that might be a drawback for some people who want to keep their drink nearby while they're out shopping or exploring all day long. But overall, this is a nice product!

ZHZNVZ leather travel bags:

This type of crossbody bag looks very professional in design and comes in both black and brown. But don't let its professional look fool you; this bag can hold objects up to 15" H x 11 3/4" W x 5 1/2 D, so it's big enough for everyday use!

And since the strap is adjustable too, then this type of bag will fit most people quite well. What makes this type different than other ones though is how the flap stays closed by using buckles rather than magnets... but that's just a personal preference probably.

NeatPack crossbody bags with anti-theft pocket:

This type of crossbody bag with a water bottle holder has a unique design that makes it look different from most others. In fact, some people think that this type looks more like a backpack than a purse! And the strap is adjustable too, so it'll fit most body types.

There's no designated space for carrying around your water bottle though... and you'd have to figure out how to hold onto it along with everything else when you're walking around in public. But overall, this type is great for many purposes and looks very stylish!

Mosiso multi-purpose crossbody bag:

This type of crossbody bag is very different than most we've shown you; it has a triangle-like design and no indication for a water bottle compartment. So users would have to figure out how to carry their drink around with them if they plan on using this type.

But overall, this product looks very nice and can hold lots of big items (17" H x 10 3/8" W x 5 D), so it's great for everyday use! It also comes in many colors too... so go ahead and check it out today!

Notag crossbody bag:

This type of crossbody bag is unique because it has a very stylish purse-like design, but can still hold lots of items (17 1/2" H x 11 1/2" W x 5 D). Plus the water bottle holder part is pretty close to the top, making it easily accessible when you're on the go.

What makes this product different than most though is that the strap length isn't adjustable; instead, there are "holes" in order for users to choose how long they'd like their strap to be. But other than that... this type looks great!

Final verdict

All of these types of crossbody bags with water bottle holders are great in their own respective ways! Users will have to decide which type works best for them depending on what kind of use they plan on having for it, and where they want to put their drink. But overall, all of these products look very nice and can hold lots of different items too... so go ahead and check out the links below.