10 overnight bags for children

Susan Fernandez January 01 2022

What are overnight bags for?

Overnight bags are large size bags that can be used in short and long trips with children and those who come along.

Advantages of using overnight bags for children

On short trips, it is easier to have all the child's belongings in one place so you don't need to search the whole house for where you put your car keys or documents. You can also be sure that everything your kid needs is in the bag.

The large size makes it possible for you, as a caregiver, to pack certain things that are only needed on special occasions. A good example of this is sleeping clothes and bibs. When there's no need to use them they will not be mixed up with other things in the wardrobe which is good because most kids do not appreciate being dressed in wet clothes. Another benefit is that it rids of carrying around extra bags when visiting relatives or friends because you can just bring the overnight bag.

Companies that manufacture overnight bags for children

There are no overnight bags designed specifically for children but there are some backpacks that fit this description. Most of them are used by adults but they will still do the job. There's also nothing wrong with using your own backpack if it fits all the child's belongings, is not too large, and does not look like it would hurt your child to wear it.

Choosing an adult backpack might make more sense if you need to travel long distances as well since they normally offer several additional features that kids' backpacks don't have, such as a place for your laptop or binder which may be essential in certain circumstances.

As far as choosing between a backpack, suitcase, or duffel bag goes, it all depends on preference and what you think your kid would feel more comfortable being carried around in.

How to choose an overnight bag for children

There are many things that should be taken into consideration when choosing an overnight bag for your child. First of all, there are the measurements. If the bag is too large the child might have a hard time carrying it but if it's too small he will not be able to fit his belongings in which will only lead to extra frustration on his part since you brought him out on this trip with you deliberately.

You can measure how tall he is and add 5-10 centimeters just so you're on the safe side depending on how tall he is already. Try to make sure the bag is not too heavy by lifting it up and seeing how your child reacts. Another important factor is if he or she can open and close the bag easily on their own without you having to help them every time they need something from inside.

If your kid insists that he needs a certain color then don't be afraid to sacrifice your preferences in favor of his because after all, it's just an overnight bag for children.

TOP-10 overnight bags

  • Skip hop kids luggage:

Skip hop is an American company that mainly focuses on baby and children's products. Their overnight bag comes in different colors and is made of polyester which makes it sturdy enough to carry heavy items without breaking.

It has owl appliques details, one outside pocket for putting your phone or keys inside, a bright interior so you can easily locate what you are looking for avoiding rummaging through the whole bag every time your child wants to put something in or take something out. The wheels are retractable so no more hassle when it comes to dragging your kid's stuff around with you when moving from one destination to another.

  • Children's rolling backpacks

This backpack is great because of its many compartments which ensure all of the child's belongings have a place of their own so they do not get lost easily. There's a padded compartment where you can put your laptop, iPad, or any other item that might break if dropped on the floor.

This bag is also water-resistant which makes it perfect for rainy days when your kid decides to take his favorite toy with him, even if he wants to go shopping for groceries right after school.

  • American Tourister kids luggage:

This is a great choice if you want to carry your child around in style. It has a nice design and comes in different colors which are perfect for kids who like to choose their luggage based on the color of their favorite superhero or cartoon character.

The handle is also very easy to use and can be set in 2 positions depending on how tall your kid is which will make him feel grown up and independent when he handles his own baggage. It's sturdy, water-resistant, and even has smooth-rolling wheels so no need to carry it around when you travel across long distances by car since it doesn't weigh too much.

  • Marmot Children's overnight bag:

If you're looking for something that will occupy your children longer than just an overnight bag then this one is perfect for you. It's not just your ordinary backpack either because it's actually a sleeping bag that turns into a backpack when being rolled up inside. This Marmot is made of 100% recycled materials, is water-resistant, and has enough room to carry everything that your child needs for an overnight stay in the forest or in colder regions during wintertime.

  • Trunki Original:

If you want to make your child laugh and giggle with joy when he sees his new overnight bag for children then the Trunki is a great choice. It's also excellent for keeping your little one occupied during flights and long car rides since it comes with straps that can be attached to seats and luggage racks depending on where you're traveling.

The trick is that the trunk can be used as a ride-on suitcase which means that your kid can sit on top of his belongings and move around just like those who prefer a taxi over a bus whenever they go out.

  • Stephen Joseph rolling luggage:

If you want to keep your kid occupied for hours then this is the perfect bag for him. It comes with 3D details which are sure to impress any child, not to mention its many compartments, wheels that work on all terrain types, and waterproof material so no need to worry about ruining clothes if it rains or your little one spills something on his clothes out of clumsiness.

  • Mountaintop kids backpack:

This is not your average kid's overnight bag because it's made of oxford fabric that allows you to easily clean it whenever it gets dirty. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, offers enough space for everything your child needs, and even has side pockets which are very convenient when it comes to storing small items like pencils or crayons. The Mountaintop backpack is also lightweight but sturdy enough to carry heavy objects without breaking or tearing apart.

  • Yodo Zoo:

This one is sure to make your kid laugh and giggle with joy whenever he's going to sleep at a friend's place. The Yodo Zoo backpack comes in different animal designs which will encourage your little one to use it over and over again since it feels like their favorite stuffed animals have come alive. Kids feel comfortable using backpacks that look like their favorite animal because they mimic the same feeling of security that teddy bears give them when they're young.

  • Goplus kid luggage:

This is one of the best choices you can make if your child has outgrown his baby bag but isn't big enough to carry a regular suitcase. It comes with 2 wheels, adjustable handles, and side pockets for additional storage space which makes it the perfect bag for the youngest travelers since they always need their favorite cuddly toys by side while sleeping or resting.

  • Jetkids by Stokke:

This bag is not for your young child but it's excellent for preschoolers who are already interested in the world around them and love to travel whenever they can. It comes with a removable backpack that can be used as a lunchbox, has adjustable handles and various compartments to keep everything organized during long trips.

What else should you consider while choosing an overnight bag?


Make sure that the bag is big enough to fit everything that your kid needs for an overnight stay plus his regular clothes in case something gets dirty.

Storage compartments

They're important because they allow you to store things safely and also be able to find them easily after packing the bag.


If your child carries a lot of heavy toys with him then it's best to choose a bag that comes with wheels on the bottom for easier transport, especially if he's young or tends to get tired when walking around too much.


A good idea is to choose a waterproof material since chances are your child will spill drinks or drop food on his clothes or overnight bag.


Make sure that there are enough cushions on the strap so your kid feels comfortable wearing it for extended periods of time without getting fatigued too quickly.

Final words

Choosing an overnight bag for your child can be very difficult especially if you're not sure about their current needs. Make sure that the one you choose has everything that your little one needs or may need in the future, this way they'll be able to use it until they no longer require a baby bag .