Best bike bags for fat tire tubes

Susan Fernandez November 11 2021

Bike bags are used to secure your bike when carrying them on a motorcycle. They are usually made from lightweight materials, e.g., cloth, plastics, aluminum alloy, etc. Different bags have different features according to their types and design.

With special compartments for storage of articles that will be likely needed during the trip, these bags tend to be more expensive than ordinary ones that come with loops or straps only. However, they are often easier to use due to the fact that you can store them in various locations on your vehicle without having to worry about blocking its safety devices (e.g., air valves, brake lights).

Fat bike tubes are specifically designed tubes for fat bike rims. They have a larger circumference compared to regular bike tubes and can carry a special rider weight of up to 1000 pounds. And if you decided to use two wheels in one tube, it means that your tire is so big that could accommodate an adult or child!


In case you own such tubes and looking for bike bags, here are the top 10 best bike bags for fat-tire tubes:

  • VENTURA 29 Inch Waterproof Bicycle Saddle Bag

When you're taking a long trip by motorcycle, the last thing you want is to find yourself stranded with whatever is stored in your saddlebags drenched in water. To protect your stuff from unwanted wetness, choose Ventura 29 Inch Waterproof Bicycle Saddle Bag that comes with a zippered closure and is made from waterproof material.

  • YAKIMA SKS Lock Cores (Pair)

Yakima SKS Locking Core will help you to keep your panniers safe from thieves, but it's also useful for keeping other values like spare tubes, cell phones, etc. The only downside is the installation process and if you check this video and follow their instructions (50 seconds), everything should go well:

  • Bike Cargo Net

This bike cargo net can be used in various scenarios including securing your fat tire bicycle tube during long trips by motorcycle. It is compact when stored and easy to attach to luggage racks or extra seating capacity.

  • Ibera Bicycle Frame Pack

Ibera Bicycle Frame Pack is a versatile bag that can be attached to the frame of your bike. It comes with a water repellent finish and reflective accents for safe riding at night or in low light conditions. The pack includes two zippered exterior pockets for quick access items while you are on the move.

  • Outad Waterproof Cycling Bag

This fat tire bicycle tube carrying case is made from waterproof material and equipped with adjustable straps and interior pockets. You can use it as a multi-purpose dry bag, storage bag, safety kit, and/or tank bag for storing individual items.

  • Evelo Fuel Tank Bag

With this fat tire bicycle tube carrying case, you can securely place your wallet or smartphone at a reachable distance and still keep their contents dry and safe from the elements. It features non-slip padded construction and water-resistant material to offer optimum protection in all conditions.

  • Premium Bicycle Saddle Bag

This bike bag features waterproof PU fabric, durable YKK zippers, and adjustable straps for convenient handling when on the move. With a reflective strip for visibility during night rides, it comes with four internal pockets (three of them are zippered) that provide plenty of storage options.

  • Necessary Objects Frame Pack

Necessary Objects fat tire bicycle tube carrying case is made from lightweight material and offers enough space for storing individual items. It comes with reflective accents for safe riding in low light conditions and includes zippered pockets for convenient access.

  • Oxford Rear Carrier Bag

This accessory is made from waterproof coated nylon fabric and equipped with six external pockets (five of them are zippered) to offer additional storage space. The bag can support a rider's weight up to 19 kilograms and features a reflective strip for visibility during night rides.

  • Carradice Super C Barley                

Carradice Super C Barley is one of the finest bicycle saddlebags available on the market today thanks to its heavy-duty construction and water-resistant material (1000mm vinyl). It has capacity enough for storing B1 Imperial, A4 SRAF, or similar maps as well as a small camera, wallet, and other items.

There you have it – our top 10 fat tire bicycle tube carrying cases. It's worth mentioning that every item on the list is made from sturdy material and designed to withstand harsh weather conditions for prolonged use.

How to choose a good bike bag?

If you are still searching for the best bike bags for fat tire tubes, then perhaps these few buying tips can assist you in making the right choice. It's important to know that not all accessories are compatible with each other and you should double-check their specifications before making a purchase.

By using our guide, it's possible to choose between 20-25 different models without any issues. This takes time and effort, but we hope these reviews will help you pick the perfect model that meets your requirements.

Things to consider when choosing a frame bag:

  1. Size of a frame bag
    Make sure to pick a model with enough space for storing your equipment – at least 12 liters is recommended.
  2. Material
    It's best to buy a bike bag made from highly durable and sturdy material.
  3. Additional compartments
    Some models come with additional zippered pockets that provide additional storage space.
  4. Water repellent finish

Look for this feature if you plan to use the accessory in harsh weather conditions. Extra features:

  • Reflective elements for safe riding at night or in low light conditions
  • Easily accessible pockets for convenient access of small items while on the move
  • Lithium ion battery for powering up your gadgets
  • Internal pockets/divider to keep items organized in the bag

These tips would be helpful while choosing a bike bag and finding the best bike bags for fat tire tubes.

How to install bike bags on fat tire tubes?

First of all, you need to place the bag onto the seat tube

Then carefully attach it using three or four straps around the seat stays and top tube

Finally, tighten every strap for safe placement.      

Of course, not every fat tire bicycle tube carrying case is compatible with all types of bikes so you will have to check product specifications before making a purchase. It's also worth mentioning that most models are easy to install even if you don't have previous experience in this field so feel free to give it a try. Don't forget about your safety – follow manufacturer guidelines when attaching sewed-on bags and wear protective gear (helmet, knee pads, etc.) during rides whenever possible!


To sum up, we should note that choosing the best bike bags for fat tire tubes is a challenging task and it takes time and effort to find appropriate accessories. We hope our guide will be helpful and assist you in making the right choice. Don't forget about your safety – ride safely!

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