Porcelain Rocket 52Hz Waterproof Frame Pack

Susan Fernandez November 11 2021

The Porcelain Rocket 52Hz Waterproof Frame Pack is an innovative bag that allows you to bring along your supplies with comfort and security. It has multiple straps that secure the load but also adjust depending on where you want them placed. There are small mesh pockets included so you don't lose items inside the main of the pack, and a roll-top makes it easy to access the contents. This product is durable and waterproof, so you can take it out on any adventure.

If you want to know what Porcelain Rocket 52Hz waterproof frame pack is like, we have got you covered. 

General Characteristic

52Hz Waterproof Frame Pack is one of the best Porcelain Rocket bags that's worth investing in. This bag fits the triangle frame of a bike just perfectly.  It is made of ultra-durable materials that will last for years. Porcelain Rocket's 52 Hz Frame Pack is a waterproof, durable, and comfortable way to carry supplies on your bike.

The frame pack holds a 2 L water bladder or any other cylindrical-shaped item. There are three straps that secure the load to the frame tube but also allow for adjustment based on whether you're carrying more gear in the middle of the bag or closer to the ends. The center strap can be moved up or down to accommodate either shape preference.

The back panel has foam padding that is attached only at one end so it curves around your back comfortably with ventilation holes on both sides (this also helps prevent pressure points). Two small mesh pockets provide room for items like keys or cards without getting lost inside the main compartment of the pack.

The 52Hz Frame Pack is made with a roll-top design allowing for easy access and maximum capacity. Additionally, the pack has attachment points for Porcelain Rocket's waterproof accessories like their mini seat bag or tool pouch. It's nice that it can be used for different kinds of contents (not just water), and it appears to be more comfortable than some other frame packs I've seen.

Let's see how the 52Hz Waterproof Frame Pack can add value to your bike-packing gear collection. 

Roll-top frame pack of 52Hz

On top of the huge carrying capacity, this Porcelain Rocket bag also features a roll-top closure to keep all your items safe. The three pockets are easily accessible without removing the pack from the frame, so you'll always have what you need at hand.

For all those tired of using zippers that easily break and can't secure the bulky stuff inside the bag, they'll find the 52Hz frame pack outstanding. This bag incorporates a roll-top for opening. 

This means you don't have to deal with zippers anymore. The roll-top also provides you ease while placing your stuff inside. 

Ample storage of the 52Hz 

This framepack provides you with ample storage to squeeze your essentials inside. Perfect for a long-term trip, you can stuff in bulky tools, sleeping gear, and eatables with ease. 

The 52Hz Waterproof Frame Pack has an impressive carrying capacity. It can store 5 liters worth of items inside its hydration compartment, which is fully insulated to keep food and drinks cool or warm during long rides. The frame pack also features three large compartments, so you will always know where your snacks are. One large pocket has a removable organizer with zippered mesh pockets, a key keeper clip, and a safety light loop. There are also two deep exterior stretch pockets on either side of the bag for even more storage space on the outside! It can hold up to 8 liters of cargo in total.

Durable construction and Waterproof

Constructed with seam welded with 420 deniers PU coated nylon, you'll find this bag to be pretty durable. This bag is abrasion-resistant and works against UV rays.

The 52Hz Waterproof Frame Pack comes with TPU coated nylon fabric that not only looks great but is also weather-resistant! Porcelain Rocket uses YKK #10RC zipper on this bag too.  It's a sturdy zipper that can open and close over and over again, without wearing out. The 52Hz Waterproof Frame Pack comes with a lifetime warranty from Porcelain Rocket. 

The wholly waterproof fabric makes it perfect for dealing with rainy weather. You might consider packing some sensitive items like camera lenses or other electronics. There isn't any need to worry about your items getting wet during rains because the 52Hz would keep them dry. 

Voilé strap closure system of 52Hz 

Porcelain Rocket 52Hz framepack incorporates Voile straps for its closure system. Voile straps are famous for being super durable. 

You must know about them as ski touring binding straps, but they are usually found in several constructions and bike-packing bags. These straps are reliable for fastening the bag to the bike frame. The buckle design stays fixed in its place, and the elasticity of the straps allows your things to cinch down.

Four standard sizes of 52Hz 

The 52Hz framepack is available in four standard sizes (S, M, L, and XL). Keeping in mind the geometry of common yet latest bike frames, each size will fit the popular steel frames. 

The 52Hz Waterproof Frame Pack is named after its capacity in liters, however, it also goes by MLH1 which stands for Mountain Lighthouse 1 Liter. This bag has an imposing size of 25 x 10 x 7 inches (62 x 25 x 17 cm) and it weighs 4.2 pounds (1.9 kg).

Riders with aluminum frames would need to size down according to their frame size. This is because of the large diameter tubes that exist in some bike models. Other than that, folks owning frames with non-suspension-corrected geometry would need to size up. 

Unique aesthetics of 52Hz 

The 52Hz waterproof framepack is durable and an excellent choice for bike-packing. But you'd also notice the aesthetic appeal of the bag. It's not only for carrying bulky stuff but also helps you to make a style statement. 

The seams exposed to the outside on the front and back give a stylish and unique feel. Also, the design appearance clarifies the function of the panels, i.e. they attach to the bike's tubes. 

What are some of those bike frames where the 52Hz framepack would fit? 

Some of the popular steel frames that would allow the 52Hz to fit perfectly are: 

  •  Karate Monkey 
  •  Jamis Dragonslayer 
  •  Surly’s Krampus (gen 1) 
  •  Ice Cream Truck 
  •  Advocate Hayduke 
  •  ECR 
  •  Salsa El 
  •  Mariachi 

Are there many color choices available? 

Unfortunately, there aren't many color choices available. The color you'd find most commonly is light black. Still, Porcelain Rocket offers the 52Hz Frame Pack in multiple camo colors too. These colors are Sunburst, Skyscape, and Woodland.

How much weight can the bag haul? 

The 52kHz is capable of hauling up to 15 pounds (7 kg). Unfortunately, there isn't an option for attaching your rack to this bike-packing bag. However, the best part about it is that it's very easy to remove or attach with just two straps! So even if you don't need it most of the time, you'll still be able to use it on short trips. Can I carry my sleeping pad along with me? Yes! The 52Hz Waterproof Pack allows for carrying your inflatable sleeping pad.

What about a water bottle? Is it a problem to carry a water bottle too? The 52Hz frame pack can easily fit a one-liter water bottle, however, another way to hold your stuff is with an attachment strap around the seat post. The seat tube of the bike may also allow you to attach this bag perpendicularly through its side sections as well as tubes.

The other thing that you'd consider is Porcelain Rocket's custom-made waterproof accessory pockets called Room For Two. They're perfect for carrying your water bottles and even other accessories, like tools and camping gear! So if you want extra room for camping gear and food items, then purchasing their Room for Two accessory would be extremely beneficial.

Who will like it?

People who ride the latest steel frame bikes and want a stylish and lightweight ( 1.9 kg ) bike-packing bag that has an affordable price tag would be pleased with their investment. To be honest, you can't go wrong with this bike-packing bag.

Porcelain Rocket's 52Hz Frame Pack is a good choice for carrying bulky stuff during your adventures. It also has stylish aesthetics so it seems like an all-rounder! But if you're looking to attach your rack with this, then I'd recommend you to purchase Porcelain Rocket's custom-made waterproof accessory pockets called Room For Two along with their SK2 seat pack.

Final thoughts 

Out of the Porcelain rocket bags collection, the 52Hz framepack stands out the most. It's a wholly waterproof bag with no zippers. The roll-top makes it easier for folks to open the bag and put weighty things inside. The Voile straps fix the bag in its place, so no movements happen.

Your stuff remains secure and dry during rainy weather and you can take it tension-free on long trips.  It's available in different camo colors and looks great on bikes. Although the 52Hz doesn't attach to a rack, it has an extremely stylish design. In essence, the overall package is excellent for those folks who enjoy riding steel frames and long-distance trips!

Thank You For Reading! Have A Great Bikepacking Adventure Ahead.