Wizard Works Shazam! Saddle Bag Review

Susan Fernandez November 11 2021

What is Wizard Works Shazam! Saddle bag? This is a modernized version of the iconic design. Roll-top closure and rugged construction are some of its exquisite features.

This is a waterproof bag so you don't have to worry about your stuff when you are in the rain or in some wet area. It comes with different color options that you can choose from. It has several compartments, two on the inside and 2 on the side which is good for putting smaller gadgets. 


  1. Wizard Works Shazam! A saddle bag is a large handmade product made in London. It's available on customized color orders only. 
  2. The roll-top, along with a long flap closure, makes the bag even safer for the items inside. 
  3. The 1 mm HDPE sheet giving it a hard-shell construction is another distinguishing feature of Shazam! This unique feature is a security add-on that also gives it its characteristic "U" shape. It is made more rigid by the internal aluminum reinforcement attached at the upper end.
  4. The Wizard Works logo is subtly embossed on the bag. It comes in a variety of colors that you can choose from, including black and navy blue. You can also pick from three handle styles: leather rolled leather or plain fabric stitched handles.
  5. The saddle bag has an inside pocket with zip closure and another zipped compartment at its side for holding your small gadgets. For instance, you could put your phone in this compartment and keep it safe when you store it away in the main part of the bag.
  6. There's also a water bottle holder on one side of the bag which will leave room for other things, like your keys or wallet, in its compartments. 
  7. It weighs 5 lbs (2 kg) when empty and can hold up to 30 lbs (13.6 kg) of items inside it.

What makes Wizard Works Shazam! Saddle Bag even more desirable?

A lot of choices to make in design and sizes! And one can choose depending on one’s basket's size as well. There are Voile Nano straps. These Nano Straps work equally well with both running leathers touring saddles as well as Brooks saddles. 

Although a seat-post (with the nylon strap) is enough to secure the bottom of the bag, Wizard Works recommends using saddle bag support.  Shazam! can also be used as a handlebar bag, and guess what? No extra supports are needed for that. When it comes to securing its contents, you can choose between buckles or straps with Wizard Works.

Wizard also works makes custom sizes of saddle bags with no extra costs involved. You can even have your initials inscribed in these bags! This bag is great for all kinds of travel! It may look small but believe me if I say that this will be equal to 2-3 regular-sized bags in terms of carrying capacity! The material used inside and outside is waterproof so no need to worry about your stuff getting wet in rains or any other similar conditions. 

Packing space for Wizard Works Shazam! Saddle Bag

Shazam! Saddle Bag: Specifications and technical details

  • Wizard Works Shazam! Saddle Bag weighs 450 grams (1 lb.). It can easily handle weight up to 8 kgs (17 lbs.) and its volume is about 45 liters.
  • The measurements are as follows: width - 30 cm, height - 40 cm, depth - 12 cm. A two-year warranty from the time of purchase comes with this product.

Speaking about the interiors, Shazam has one main compartment laced with a fluorescent lining to make things easier to find.  There are two exterior side pockets, each of which can fit in a full-sized burrito as per the company's claims. 

Wizard Works has also provided utility straps that help to keep the items intact. The size and loading capacity of the bag is even more increased when one unrolls the top and opens the extendable main flap. 

Wizard Works Shazam! Saddle Bag available colors and material

Shazam! comes with so many color combinations that the choice might get overwhelming. Black, blue, olive green, red-orange are some of the most used patterns. The shell is made of 1000 d Cordura/nylon tarpaulin; seams are high-frequency welded. 

Every product has its own unique character as it is 100% handmade in London. Leather straps come in different colors—brown, black, etc.—to suit your style preference. There's also a seat post strap included for making it an ideal handlebar bag too!   You cannot buy this bag in stores; order it at Wizard Works only.

Other Options for Wizard Works Shazam! Saddle Bag

One can also pair it up with a Carradice Bagman Support. This pairing restricts any dangerous swaying or movement, thus keeping the contents safe inside the bag. Loading the pack with extra gear is better because it does sway a lot when it's lightly loaded, let alone empty. 

The bag's exterior is not waterproof, but it still manages to keep the things dry inside. These features make Shazam! The Saddle Bag is exceptionally reliable.  As mentioned earlier, the saddle bag can also make an excellent handlebar bag. It can work as a basket bag. It provides more carrying space, it's easier to handle, and it’s cool to look at. 

It also gives an option to add a front rack for some extra packing space. However, a tire rub situation can be unavoidable at times, so one may need at least a 7" space from the upper end to the bottom to avoid it as much as possible.

Wizard Works Shazam! Saddle Bag price and shipping

The bag is expensive but you get what you pay for. Shipping all over the world is free of charge (yes, believe me when I say it). All the products are handmade so it takes about 3-4 weeks to ship. You can always get in touch with Wizard works if you have any queries regarding the product.

How much can one pack into Wizard Works Shazam! Saddle Bag?

Following are some of the examples which can be packed all together in Shazam! Saddle bag, with extra space to spare as well:

  • A Western Mountaineering NanoLite Quilt
  • A Dutchware Chameleon Hammock
  • A Dutchware Beetle Buckle Suspension Kit
  • An Outdoor Research Helium Jacket/Pants
  • A Timmermade Water Bear Balaclava
  • A Multi-Tool (side pocket)
  • A Shoulder Strap (side pocket)

Final verdict:

Wizard Works Shazam! Saddle Bag is a really great bag if you're looking to add some style to your travels, whether it be running errands or going on a full-fledged camping trip.

This high-quality product is handmade and has several color options that the customers can choose from. It also comes with different compartments that one can use depending on their needs. You can put items of different shapes and sizes inside this saddle bag because of its rectangular shape. It also makes sure that you are not worried about opening it under wet conditions because its material is water-resistant! Now you don't have to worry about your stuff getting wet even in a downpour.

This is a great product if you want a travel bag that has your personality embedded in it. This saddle bag can be big enough for all your traveling needs and at the same time small enough that you won't overpack it. And the best part is, this might seem really expensive to many people but it's actually not because there are custom-made ones available too at no additional costs! With all these features, I'd say go get yourself one of these bags, they won't disappoint you!

Overall, Shazam! The Saddle Bag is a must-try for all the bikers out there. It's a treat for a biker if he’s on a doubletrack or gravel terrain. 

In case you feel that you have an adventurous soul residing in your body, then that is enough reason to try and go for Shazam saddle bags.