What Goes Into a Full-Suspension Frame Bag

Susan Fernandez November 11 2021

You might wonder what a full-suspension frame bag is and how it can be valuable for you. Well, if you own a full-suspension bike, then you might have noticed a triangular space below. That empty triangle frame that's the part of a bike design can become functional for you. Let us examine why you would prefer a frame pack and how it can become beneficial for you. 

 Frame bags are beneficial for mountain bikers who enjoy intense and long biking trips. It becomes a handy tool to carry essential items like food, water, rain jacket, emergency tools, and many more without adding any extra weight or uncomfortable pressure on your back while riding your bike.

 A frame bag allows you to separate each item and supplies them in an organized manner to avoid any inconvenience while riding the bike. The items should be easily accessible when needed.

Benefits of a Full-Suspension Frame Bag

Wherever you go trail riding, you might get super sweaty and tired due to the heavy backpacks you have to carry. We know how the hydration backpacks hurt your back. But what if you don't have to put up with so much baggage anymore? 

With a full suspension frame pack, it's all possible. You can shift all the weight from your back to below your saddle. Yes, we are talking about the triangle frame where you can fit a frame bag with ease. You might be wondering if a frame bag's actually worth it. It's a genuine question. You may also wonder how much stuff a full-suspension frame bag can really hold. 

Other than this you should keep in mind that the bag is water-resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Lastly, make sure to buy a full-suspension frame bag that has numerous compartments allowing you to store different items separately and effortlessly.  

A full-suspension frame pack can be easily fitted onto most of the bikes without requiring any special tool or assembling process. This type of easy mounting helps the rider focus more on biking rather than maintaining their bags all the time while riding. 

What is the difference?

    There are various types of full-suspension frame bags made from different materials such as nylon cloth, polyester and vinyl add, etc. Some full-suspension packs come with or without specific compartments that help you store wet or dry goods separately inside the compartmentalized pockets. If you buy one with a cargo net, then you can utilize it to store essentials like a map, cell phone, and many more.

    The main idea behind using a frame bag is to provide easy access for a cyclist to all their tools and other essential items when in need. You will not be wasting time searching in your backpack or panniers when in an emergency situation while riding your bike on the trails.

   The full-suspension bags also come with two different mounting styles, depending upon the type of bike you are using. There are velcro straps that allow you to attach the bag to the bike without requiring any special tool. It allows you to get on there quickly when unpacked before starting your journey.

     Then there are additional straps so that every item stored inside the pack does not bounce up and down while riding on rough terrain. These additional straps allow you to securely fasten each item in its place without any room for shifting around and unwanted stress on your back.

    Some full-suspension frame bags come with specific spaces which arrange all the essential items in an orderly manner so that it is easy for you to access them when needed quickly. This type of full-suspension frame bag allows you to distinguish easily between dry and wet goods keeping them organized in their compartments. You can store lightweight items such as food, water bottle, or rain jacket in these compartments. Then there are pockets where heavy tools like multi-tools, pliers, etc., can be stored separately from other accessories like your camera, cellphone, etc.

To give you an idea, we will share two pack-lists. One would be for a medium-sized bike frame, and another one would be for a large.

Full Suspension Frame Bag Pack List (for Medium-Sized Bike Frame): 

Next time you go trail riding, you can take the tools, some food items, and other things we're going to mention below in your frame pack. 


  • Clever Standard barrel chain tool 
  • Swift Scout Motto Tool Roll 
  • Patch Kit 
  • Superglue 
  • Zip ties 
  • Crank Brothers Klic HV pump 
  • Needle/thread 
  • Crank Brothers M19 Multi-tool 
  • 4OZ Orange Seal 
  • Leatherman Juice CS1 
  • Dynaplug Micro Pro Tool 


  • Spare tube 
  • Extra cable 
  • Extra brake pads 
  •  Quick-links 
  •  Derailleur Hanger


  •  Outdoor Research Helium II Rain Jacket 
  •  3 Lara Bars 

Full-Suspension Frame Bag Pack List (For an overnight trip)

If you go on overnight trips with friends a lot, then this backpacking list will be very useful for you. 

Kitchen Supplies: 

  • Sawed-off Ti Spork 
  • Vargo BOT 700 
  • Lighter 
  • 4oz Fuel Canister 
  • Buff 
  • MSR Pocket Rocket 2 


  •  Water bottle 
  •  Green Belly Meal 2Go (breakfast) 
  •  Good To-Go Double Serving (dinner) 


  •  Superglue 
  •  Leatherman Juice CS1 
  •  Clever Standard barrel chain tool 
  •  Swift Scout Motto Tool Roll 
  •  4OZ Orange Seal 
  •  Crank Brothers M19 Multi-tool 
  •  Crank Brothers Klic HV pump 
  •  Zip ties 
  •  Patch Kit 
  •  Dynaplug Micro Pro Tool 
  •  Needle/thread 
  •  Clever Standard Tire lever 


  • Derailleur Hanger 
  • Extra brake pads 
  • Extra Cable 
  • Quick-links 

     The best thing about carrying a frame bag is that it does not put any extra weight on your back or shoulder. You can also use your panniers if you want to carry additional items with you. One needs to be careful with the type of tools they are going to store inside this bag as no space should be left unused to avoid rattling and discomfort while riding.

Where to Get a Full-Suspension Frame Bag? 

  After reading the benefits mentioned above, one might wonder where should I buy a full-suspension frame pack from? Well, there are a number of companies that make these bags for bikers. The price range varies from cheapening to expensive depending upon the quality and type of material used in making the product. Make sure that you choose a good quality pack that fulfills your requirement and fits your bike model.

The truth is that there aren't many standard-size frame bags available in the market. It is because the shape of the triangle frame differs among the full-suspension bike designs. You can get custom-made bags from various manufacturers. 

Bikepacking With A Full-Suspension Bike

This video will show you what it's like to ride with a full-suspension bike.


Can I make my own frame bag? 

When it comes to DIY projects, constructing a full-suspension frame bag isn't too challenging. Yes, you can create such a bag with ease. Although having access to a sewing machine is necessary, which means you should also have sewing skills.  Also, you need to buy important tools like nylon buckles and webbing straps.

You can get a frame bag of your desired size and design by following the simple steps mentioned below.   

  1. You need to select a fabric for making the outer body of the frame pack.  The material should be durable, waterproof, and lightweight.   Make templates of all pocket compartments and webbing straps. Cut them out separately from different fabrics according to their sizes and shapes.
  2. Once you're done with cutting, assemble these pieces together using a sewing machine or needle and thread (whichever is easy for you). Ensure that the fabric doesn't fray at any place while assembling it into one piece.
  3. Afterward, add nylon buckles on pockets' openings so that they can fasten onto the seat stays properly without falling off when you are riding your bike. And, finally, sew the webbing straps to attach the frame bag securely with seat stays.

Is it better to get a custom-made frame bag? 

As we have discussed, custom-made packs are a better option for you. The reason is that they would fit perfectly in the triangle space of your bike. But their price is often justified with durability, material grade, and waterproofing features which make them worth buying. If you love biking and don't mind spending some extra bucks, then go for these bags without any doubt.  

A customized full-suspension frame bag made for a particular bike ensures maximal storage capacity. You can fully utilize the space of the triangle. 

Custom-made bags offer special advantages as they fit perfectly on your bike, unlike the standard-sized ones. The above-mentioned benefits make them perfect for multi-day trips where one needs more storage space than usual tours. In some cases, it is better to avoid using a pack on the same frame as it may result in rattling and discomfort.

Also, getting a full-suspension frame bag from a bag manufacturer might be better than making one for yourself, because quality-wise, it would be superior.

Final Thoughts

   Whether it is a trip for recreation, whether it is an expedition that requires you to go off-road, or just a weekend ride with some friends; carrying all those essentials becomes very convenient when you have a full-suspension frame bag packed into your backpack. This bag will definitely help you have more fun on your bike rides. You don't have to worry about carrying an extra load on your back and enjoy riding in peace. 

    What are you waiting for? Go get one of these bad boys today to make your adventures truly worthwhile!