Weekender bags under 100$ for men

Susan Fernandez January 01 2022

Who is Weekender?

Bags from Weekender are known for their vintage style and affordable prices. We sell our products directly to the customer, cutting out middlemen (and the brand markups that go with them).

It was inspired by travel bags from the early 1900s when people traveled by boat or ship and needed sturdy luggage which could be stored in small spaces. The bag features two handles, a shoulder strap (which hides away in its own pocket), an external pocket on one side, and a distinctive leather patch.

Why do you need this bag?

This bag is designed to provide fast access to all your gear without having to dump everything onto a table during a midnight changeover. It's small enough to hold all your stuff but large enough that you can take everything you need with you.

The Weekender is ideal for:

  • Air travel and be checked in without having to pay extra baggage fees: The bag measures 56 x 36 x 21 cm (22" high), meaning it fits easily into even the smallest overhead compartments on an airplane. So when the pilot announces that all carry-on bags must be stowed away, just drop yours in - no need to shuffle through stacks of jackets and coats looking for the bag at the bottom of the pile. With almost any airline, this means no waiting around at the check-in desk, no added charges to check a bag and more legroom for you.
  • Changing venues: The Weekender can be unpacked and set up in a matter of seconds, allowing you to turn a cramped dressing room into a personal wardrobe locker complete with a mirror and counter space for your makeup and hairdryer. Folding the bag flat takes just a few seconds, so you'll have the perfect luggage solution for trips where you're staying in multiple locations or have access to multiple changing rooms - like at theme parks or different hotels.
    Being able to quickly pack your essentials (including shoes!) means that when you change venues, it's easy to bring all your gear along without having to make too many last-minute decisions about which items not to take. Especially when there's the risk of these decisions being made for you, as in: "Sorry sir, this is a 'no luggage' dressing room".
  • People who need to pack light: If you need to carry on your luggage for whatever reason, the Weekender's small size - and airplane-friendly dimensions - are an ideal solution. It will fit into even the tiniest overhead cabin storage spaces found on regional jets.
  • Gym goers: The Weekender is perfect for people who work out at a local gym or health club. When it's time to move between locations, just flip open the bag, grab it by its sturdy webbed handles, and hit the road running.
  • People who do overnight trips: This bag is ideal if you need to travel with everything you need for a long weekend away. Pack this bag up on Friday night after work and your entire wardrobe - plus your toiletries and accessories - will be waiting for you when you arrive.
  • People who need extra storage: This bag has an external pocket on one side, so you can store your phone, wallet, travel documents, or other items that you want to keep accessible during a trip. Your laptop slides into the main compartment from the end opposite the external pocket, which allows you to quickly access it at security checkpoints.

Why is Weekender so popular?

The bags from our collection were created for men all over the world, who not only travel a lot but also like to keep things simple and stylish.

Our humble bag has become trendy among trendy men. And this is due not only to its original design and functionality but also because we do not limit ourselves in terms of colors and sizes. We listen to our buyers and try to provide them with exactly what they need: quality, convenience, and value for money.

How it's made? Weekender is made from premium materials that will look good after many years of use. The body of the bag consists of three layers: an outer shell (1000D Polyester), a middle layer (non-woven polypropylene), and an inner layer (600D Polyester). All this creates a shock-resistant, sturdy bag. The locks are made of nickel and brass, which is another proof of the premium materials used for making Weekender.

It's all in the details

The front pocket organizer was designed to make your life easier when you travel or work out at the gym. It consists of two compartments divided by cotton canvas separating flap with leather trimming and accents on buckles. The internal space has several pockets the size of a passport (perfect for boarding passes) to keep things organized. This feature is patented worldwide!

What are the prices for Weekender bags?

Weekender bags and accessories come in different colors and sizes. They have the same price range – from $90 up to $800. If you buy a Weekend bag, you will also get a free pocket organizer with your purchase.

They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all our customers. If you're not happy with your order, just contact the company and they'll give you your money back! Please don't forget that this is NOT an ordinary cheap luggage bag, but an awesome product at affordable prices. Buy one for yourself or as a gift to someone who likes traveling!

7 Weekender bags under $100

Rockland duffel bag

This bag is perfect for people who need to pack light. It's very spacious and can fit in a vast amount of items.

It has two extra compartments on the front that will help you organize your stuff better. The zippers are smooth and they won't get stuck or make noises while opening or closing them. This product comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, so please bear this in mind when making a purchase decision.

The dimensions of this duffle bag are 22"H X 15"W X 9" D and it weighs 3 pounds. This product is available in 8 different colors - black, dark green, blue, beige, red, pink, grey, and purple. The price varies from $49.99 up to $65.99, depending on the color you choose.

Rockland Luggage 2-piece spinner set

This is a perfect weekend bag for men who travel frequently and need an easy way of carrying their belongings around with them. These suitcases are lightweight and durable at the same time - so they're very easy to carry.

This product has 4 wheels that rotate in all directions, even when you don't lift your case up. The exterior is made of ABS hard plastic that's resistant to scratches and will keep your clothes safe during your trip. There are two sizes available: 21" or 24". You can buy both pieces separately or as a set.

The pockets on the front and sides of this piece are really big. This will help you to fit even more things in your suitcase than you expected. The locks look very durable and they seem like they won't break down any time soon.

The inside is made of fabric and the compartments are separated by shoe pockets so you can keep your dirty clothes away from clean ones. There's also a small mesh pocket on the inside that will come in handy for keeping all those little items that tend to get lost when traveling.

Both cases have high-quality zippers that work smoothly and are easy to open/close. They're lined with nylon which makes it easier to pack your stuff since nothing gets stuck in between zipper teeth.

WOWBOX Weekender bag

This bag is perfect for weekends, short trips to your parents, or just a day out with your friends. It's great for carrying everything you need without overwhelming space inside. The fabric used for making this piece has a water-resistant coating that will protect the inside of the suitcase from wetness.

The design looks very minimalistic - it consists of one big compartment, long straps, and handles on top. This product comes in 8 different colors so you can choose something that matches your style best: black, dark blue, grey/black, grey/blue, beige, green/black, army green / brown, and red/brown. All the bags are made of durable nylon fabric which makes them look like they're way more expensive than they really are.

It's very spacious, so you can use it for longer trips too. It has a 24-liter capacity, but that doesn't mean that you can only put 24 liters of stuff in there because the space is not limited to the main compartment. There are also two small pockets on the sides where you can keep your phone, wallet or any other item you don't want to get lost inside your luggage.

Amazon Basics canvas duffel bag

This is a great bag for people who want to get the most out of their money. It's very good quality and it has a huge capacity. This product comes in 3 different colors: army green, navy blue, and black. The measurements of this bag are 21" H X 12" W X 9" D which makes it perfect for carrying your clothes or other things you need for your trip: books, an extra pair of shoes, towels...

Because of its fabric, this duffel bag can't be folded so if you don't have much space to carry it around, you might want to consider buying some luggage that fits into overhead compartments on planes.

If you decide to buy it anyway, please bear in mind that it's very lightweight so when you fill it with clothes, books, etc., the straps might break. This is not something that usually happens, even though this bag can carry up to 75 liters of stuff, but if you pack more than 15 kg (33lbs), please make sure your bag is sturdy enough to handle it.

Newsshows canva weekender bag

This is a great piece for people who need something fashionable as well as functional . It's made of high-quality canvas and it's water-resistant.

It has only one compartment so if you want some more organized traveling, this might not be the best choice for you. Also, there are no pockets on the outside so keep that in mind if you plan on using them too.

Its dimensions are 18"L x 11.5"H x 8"W, which makes it perfect for carrying some clothes and other items you might need during your trip. There are several colors to choose from: dark blue, light blue, grey, green ( army ), and black.

Canway Travel bag

This is another great item for people who need something big enough to carry all their stuff, but small enough to fit in overhead compartments on airplanes. The measurements of this bag are 20" L X 12.5" H X 9.5 " W which makes it perfect for every trip and vacation.

It has one main compartment with a zipper closure and two side pockets where you can put your dirty laundry or smaller items you don't want inside the main area. There's also a single handle so if you plan to carry it around by hand, make sure that this will be comfortable enough because there aren't any.

There are 4 colors to choose from: black, army green, dark blue, and brown.

Herschel Novel duffel bag

The Herschel Novel is a great choice for everyone who wants to look stylish while traveling. It's made of high-quality materials and it's very spacious, so you can carry around many items without worrying that they'll get damaged.

Its measurements are 22" H X 14.5 " W X 11 " D, so if your trip is longer than a weekend, this product might not be the best choice for you. It has only one compartment with a zipper closure, so there are no pockets on the outside which means that you have to put everything inside the main compartment.

There are 3 colors to choose from: black/grey, dark blue, and light brown.