Wanderlust Bikepacking Bags: The Ultimate Cuba Shakedown

Susan Fernandez November 11 2021

For everyone with a spirit of wanderlust running through their body, this bag brand is offering something outlandish. Plus, if you prefer taking your bike with you on adventures, the Wanderlust bags for bike-packing will make a perfect team with your bike.

Today, the Wanderlust has shifted its operational hub to Texas. From the site, the company is manufacturing a whole range of amazing bags that are more than enough for your bike-packing adventures.

Start-point of the company

The Wanderlust began from a simple idea that a traveler need not be confined to the absolute necessities of life. The Wanderlust is a travel company, but it focuses on creating amazing bags for bike-packers and regular travelers.

Wanderlust believes in making bags that are lightweight and durable, with enough room to carry everything you would need for an adventure. For them, your essentials are more important than anything else, so they make sure you have plenty of room to take all those wonderful things with you on your journeys.

The company's core values revolve around their love for bikes--riding them or just seeing them go by is enough to raise Wanderlust's spirits up. So if biking along your journey is part of the plan, then Wanderlust has what you need to make your bike-packing dreams come true.

The Wanderlust team knows that biking is an incredibly fun way of exploring the world, and they have been doing just that for years. They have picked up a lot of knowledge from those adventures, which they are now using to create their own range of bags--especially for people who love cycling as much as they do.

To achieve this, Wanderlust has adopted a mix-and-match approach with other brands in the market. Some of their products have been created through partnerships with other manufacturers, giving them access to fabrics and expertise that would not be possible otherwise. Nowadays, Wanderlust focuses on making backpacks and seat bags first and foremost. The rest will follow soon enough, according to Wanderlust.

The Wanderlust blog has a great collection of stories, pictures, and videos from their travels. There are three types of posts on the blog: City Diaries, Travelogues, and Gear Reviews. You can find out more about these by heading over to the Wanderlust site.

General information about the Wanderlust

The Wanderlust bags have been engineered from scratch. They are 100% waterproof. No more worrying about your stuff getting wet, even if you forget to close the zipper of your bag. All the base models come with YKK zippers that can be opened and closed even in the rain without having a single drop inside the compartment!

Plus, all their products have an amazing welding finishing – this is why they do not need any additional frame or structure for supporting their bags on a bike frame – they attach by themselves to a curved surface of a bicycle frame. The body does not require any extra rack or strap as well, because it comes with everything necessary for attaching it properly to your bike.

In addition to that, each product is equipped with a pair of straps that are easily adjustable. They will be adapted to your body shape and size, so you can use them for attaching any other accessory to the bag!

The Wanderlust production team has been working hard to make a perfect set of bags. We have done a little research for this company and their products after we noticed how popular they were becoming on social media, especially among bicycle lovers who enjoy riding off-road. So here's what we found out:

  1. The Wanderlust product line is made from two kinds of materials – one kind is used for making the outer shell (also known as Cordura), while another material type is used for making the inner compartment (this type is known as Ripstop). The outer shells and the linings are waterproof, but they're made from different materials with different densities; therefore, each Wanderlust product can be viewed separately based on its volume and capacity.
    For instance: the Wanderlust Hemp Rucksack has only one layer of material for its outer shell and it is rather thin compared to other products in their line. This makes this bag lighter than others, plus when you add a smaller volume of items inside, this lightweight design will not add any additional weight or pressure on your back when you wear it for your bike-packing adventures!
  2. Speaking of volume: all Wanderlust bags come with three different compartments that allow you to pack your items as you like. In addition, you can always attach other accessories to their bags thanks to the adjustable straps that come with every Wanderlust product!
  3. The Wanderlust bike-packing bags have a special shape – they are wide and straight at their bottom section, but then they have a sloping top part that allows attaching them easily to a curved surface of a bicycle frame.
  4. All Wanderlust bike-packing bags come with a removable waterproof inner shell for carrying smaller stuff inside. This way, if your belongings cannot fit into one compartment, you can put them in any of these two compartments and separate them from each other!
  5. In addition to all the great features listed above, it is also worth mentioning that Wanderlust bike-packing bags are designed and tested in the UK – to be more precise, they're made in Britain. They have been created with cycling holidays and mountain biking adventures in mind – therefore you can be sure that these bags will suit any kind of off-road riding easily!

The combination of reliable design and amazing functionality makes Wanderlust bike-packing bags a perfect product for all bicycle lovers who cannot imagine their bike-packing adventure without high-quality gear!

Where did the idea come from?

It all started from the same place where adventure cycling was born. Yes, we are talking about the beautiful Missoula, Montana.  The company was founded by Mr. Paul Hansbarger who was also the one manufacturing the complete units of bags from day one till the end of Wanderlust's solo journey in Montana.

As a brand ambassador for both Wanderlust bags and CHUMBA USA, Joe Parent played a crucial role in uniting both companies into launching a joint and upgraded Wanderlust bags venture.  Both the companies finalized the joint venture details back in late 2015. Today, the companies have the same headquarter within Austin, Texas.

Wanderlust Bags transition

After the 2015 Wanderlust and CHUMBA USA transition, the overall bag designs are getting upgraded and redesigned up to a great extent. The company is now trying to make the bags more adaptable with the latest fashion and design trends.

In the year 2016, after around a whole year of the 2015 transition, the company finally launched its new Wanderlust bags series. The company has now finally launched its own website and inventory to facilitate consumers around the globe.  

Wanderlust bags also offer a whole new range of backpacking accessories to individuals with the spirit of adventure.

The ultimate frame bag division

Over the years, there’s one particular Wanderlust bags collection that has been able to maintain its popularity among the consumers.  Yes, we are talking about the signature frame bag division. Wanderlust is one of the very first companies who introduced the whole idea of and design of frame bags.

As the name indicates, the frame bag is just like a regular bag. But the fun part is the shape of the bag. The shape of the bag is designed in such a way that it fits perfectly within the frame of the bike. The bag contains a roomy bag pocket and a zipper.

Various sizes of the Frame Bag

Wanderlust bags are known for their adaptability. That’s why the frame bag series in particular comes in various sizes that can get adapted according to the frame of the bike. Generally, the sizes are divided into portions of small, medium, and large-sized bags.

For example, if the bike frame is shorter or you don’t need much space within your bag, you can always opt the small frame bag size. But if you are looking for much larger carrying space, then options like medium and large-sized bags will be a better choice.

Final Note

Without a doubt, Wanderlust bags is a pure class of their own. If we take a look at the journey of the Wanderlust brand, the company has shown some remarkable results. 

From being a start-up brand to now getting listed among the top cycling gear brands in the world, Wanderlust has shown an incredible ability to adapt to the changing trends of consumer demands. When you are looking for high-quality bike-packing bags that are equally functional, lightweight, affordable, and fashionable, then Wanderlust is the way to go!   

What’s the secret behind Wanderlust's success? According to the experts, it’s the brand’s ability to adapt to any kind of potential challenge their customers are going to face.