Walmart duffel bag for travel - what can you find?

Susan Fernandez February 02 2022

Walmart is the largest retailer in America. Today, there are over 11000 Walmart's throughout the world with around 3300 in America alone. 

So, if you are looking for round-the-clock, everyday low prices then Walmart is the place to be. Wherever you are, if you live in America then all that you need to do is hop into your car and within minutes you will be at a Walmart store.

Here you can find everything - from toys to plants. And in case you want to choose a duffel bag for travel - Walmart is for you.

How to pick out a good duffel bag for travel?

Walmart has a wide range of duffel bags for sale. The bad thing though is that good quality duffel bags are hard to pick out from the ones which are not as good as they look.

Here are a few tips on how to pick out a nice duffel bag for travel:

  • Make sure that the stitching is done well and there aren't any loose threads hanging off it, or better still have them fixed by a professional seamstress before you buy it. If you see a thread sticking out then it means the material used was very cheap and Walmart probably used this so they could save some money and pass those savings onto their customers.
  • Look at the zippers! The zippers should be strong and sturdy. If they are not then most certainly the duffel bag for sale is of inferior quality and you don't want to waste your money on something like this. When you look at the zippers make sure that there isn't any gap between them when it's done up - This means that if somehow water got inside, or anything else with liquid fell inside, then the liquids will seep out through the gap in between!
  • The handle should be strong enough so that when you pick it up it doesn't feel like it's going to break off anytime soon.
  • Finally, check out how much weight can fit into this duffel bag. Make sure that there is a weight limit indicated on the tag attached to it. If there isn't any then check out the material used - For most cases, if the duffel bag is made of very thin or even regular cloth then it most likely won't hold up very well under heavyweight.

So these were some tips on picking out a good quality duffel bag for travel. Remember to always go with your instincts when buying anything online. Stay away from bad reviews that talk about inferior products and read product descriptions carefully before you buy anything!

Best Walmart duffel bag for travel

REDCAMP Extra Large 31-Inch Duffle Bag

This is a really nice duffel bag for travel. It comes at a great price, has a weight limit of 110lbs, and is very durable! This duffel bag has an extra-large size and is perfect for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. The pockets and storage space are really large so you can store all your belongings in plenty of space.

It comes with two zippers that are easy to open and close, plus it has sturdy carry handles that have a comfortable grip. This duffel bag is made from strong Polyester material which is 100% waterproof. Walmart has many colors and sizes to choose from!

Yodo Sports Duffel Bag with Large Capacity, Waterproof Travel Duffle Bag

This duffel bag is a perfect size and shape for your next trip to the gym or just as a carry-on when flying. It has a durable and waterproof outdoor sports duffel bag made of high-density 210D Oxford polyester which is water-resistant and very easy to clean.

There are two side pockets that allow you to organize all your belongings - small stuff like keys, wallets, phone chargers, etc fit nicely into these. On top of this, there is also an extra pocket inside where you can keep items such as documents, passports, and other valuables safe and close by. The shoulder straps make this duffel bag comfortable to carry and it is able to hold up to 100lbs!

Yodo Sports Duffel Bag with Large Capacity, Waterproof Travel Duffle Bag comes in black and green. There are also different sizes available at Walmart.

Kenneth Cole 20-Inch Brown Carry-On Travel Duffel Bag

When you select Kenneth Cole as your brand you know that you are selecting a high-quality product. This duffel bag is no exception, it has all the characteristics of a top-quality outdoor duffel bag and more so what makes this one stand out from the rest is how stylish and elegant it looks!

This duffel bag for travel has two carrying handles, one on each side of the bag. One at the top and one just below where you would place your arm through to carry it - So that means there are four metal bars running around the bag which gives it extra strength and durability.

Kenneth Cole 20-Inch Brown Carry-On Travel Duffel Bag also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. The material used for this duffel bag is 100% high-quality cotton.

TOPEAK 40-Liter Duffel Bag

This duffel bag for travel has a water-resistant construction which enables it to be waterproof, perfect if you're going hiking or just traveling around in general! There are two ways to carry this duffel bag, either by the top handle or shoulder strap - It can also be wheeled around because it comes with a wheeled base using the retractable pull-out handle.

One really nice feature about this duffel bag is that there is a side pocket that allows you to quickly access your belongings from anywhere along the side of the duffel bag. The pockets and storage space are large enough to fit everything into it without any issues.

TOPEAK 40-Liter Duffel Bag comes in two colors, blue and green. This duffel bag is much larger than a standard carry on so it might not fit under the airline seat in front of you - I suggest checking with your airline before buying this one!

Ozark Trail Camping Carry-All 90L Duffel Bag

This duffel bag is perfect for the outdoors! It has an extra-large size and is made out of strong, sturdy material which can handle up to 500lbs. This means it will last forever - I'm sure you won't be carrying anything weighing over 500lbs anytime soon though.

There are two zippered pockets on this duffel bag that allow you to store all your belongings safely inside - The pockets are very deep so you won't have any issues with having enough space. There is also one adjustable shoulder strap and two handles at the top which makes it easy to carry around. Ozark Trail Camping Carry-All 90L Duffel Bag from Walmart comes in green or blue.

Olympia USA 22-Inch 8 Pockets Rolling Duffel

This Walmart duffel bag for travel is super stylish and comes in a nice blue color. This bag is 22" wide so it can fit as a carry-on when flying. There are two pockets where you can store smaller items, one at the front and another which is zipped inside - Both of these pockets have plenty of room for storing necessary accessories such as wallets, keys, etc!

Olympia USA 22-Inch 8 Pockets Rolling Duffel also has wheels that allow you to wheel it around when traveling from place to place. In addition, this duffel bag is made out of waterproof materials which means that your belongings will be protected from the rain or bad weather conditions!

That is why during the trip, a duffel bag comes in very handy because you can only bring a limited number of items with you. That's why a duffel bag is perfect for traveling!

Rockland Luggage 22-Inch Rolling Duffle Bag

This option from Walmart is a high-quality product that comes in a sleek black color with two metal bars across the top of the bag. It has a retractable handle and wheels, so it's super easy to transport wherever you want - You can carry it by hand or roll it behind you when traveling, both ways work well.

In terms of storage space, this duffel bag is great! It has multiple pockets on the inside and outside so you will have no problem storing all your belongings and keeping them organized. This duffel bag for travel also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap which makes carrying it around very convenient.

Rockland Luggage 22-Inch Rolling Duffle Bag from Walmart is made out of top-quality materials that will last for years before needing any repairs. I'm sure you will enjoy your trip with this awesome duffel bag!

Small 26-Inch Rolling Duffel Bag Black/Grey

This duffel bag is slightly smaller than the rest and has a very stylish design in black and grey. This option has lots of storage space so there's no need to worry about having enough room for all your items when traveling - It also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap which means it can be used for short or long trips where you might need to carry it around depending on the circumstances!

It has one zippered pocket on the inside and one expandable mesh pocket, both of these pockets are large enough to store all of the small objects such as wallets, keys, etc. Small 26-Inch Rolling Duffel Bag Black/Grey is made out of strong nylon so it can handle up to 50lbs which is more than enough for any traveler!

SwissTech Excursion 28-Inch Travel Duffel Bag

You can buy in Walmart a stylish and very durable duffel bag from SwissTech - It is one of the best options out there because it has a big size, strong nylon build, and comes at a super affordable price! SwissTech Excursion 28-Inch Travel Duffel Bag has lots of compartments where you can store your belongings in a fully organized manner.

The front pocket has a zippered closure which means that this part will keep your items safe when traveling. In addition, this option has multiple straps on the outside so you can attach the necessary accessories. This travel duffel bag also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap for maximum portability when traveling from place to place!

Moreover, this duffel bag is one of the best because it is water-resistant - Oftentimes people make the mistake of storing their belongings in plastic bags while traveling, but I can assure you that this option will keep your things safe from all kinds of weather.

DALIX 14-Inch Duffel Bag

If you need an extra small duffel bag for traveling, this option might be a perfect choice! DALIX 14-inch Duffel Bag - Small Waterproof Sports Gym Bag is one of the most compact options on the market which makes it perfect for short trips. It can fit in any overhead compartment so regardless if you are traveling by plane or by train, this option will be super easy to store!

This duffel bag has one main pocket that closes with a zipper and inside there are also two separate pockets where you can store smaller items like wallets or keys. In addition, this water-resistant duffel bag has adjustable shoulder straps and mesh side pockets where you can store drinks without taking up any space inside the main compartment.

DALIX 14-Inch Duffel Bag is super affordable and extremely useful, we can assure you that it's going to be a great purchase!

Final words

Walmart duffel bags are the best options available on the market since they are affordable and known for their durability. These travel duffel bags from Walmart have been tried and tested by millions of people across the globe so I'm sure you won't be disappointed!