Topeak Bikepacking Bags Review

Susan Fernandez November 11 2021

Thinking about buying Topeak bike packs or simply want to know if they are worth buying in the future? Top Peak bags are very popular among outdoor enthusiasts, and for a good reason. They are well made, very durable, and offer a wide array of features - such as waterproofing and extreme durability (perfect for bike-packing). No wonder they have become so popular!

General info

You may be wondering: "Are Topeak bike-packing bags 100% waterproof?" or "Are they good for bike-packing?", if so you've come to the right place. Keep reading and you will see what experiences other people had with them and which types of packs work best depending on your preferred style of biking.

First off, let's talk about why most people buy these bags in the first place - probably because they're looking for a reliable storage solution that is not only comfortable but also easy to carry around. The fact that they may come across as a bit pricey is simply the nature of the beast - wouldn't it be great to have something that will serve you reliably for many years to come?

Topeak bags are made from high-quality materials, so they can serve you for an extended period of time. This is particularly important when you consider how easy it is to damage certain parts of your bike (such as spokes) when in motion.

That's why people choose Topeak over other, less known brands; you can always expect them to do their job properly and last longer due to the fact that they're not cheap in any way. Well, I think we can agree that even if they cost more initially, the fact that they'll last much longer certainly makes up for that, but you'll have to decide that part for yourself.

Are they really waterproof?

They say that Topeak bike-packing bags are waterproof, but is this really the case? While most of them are not 100% waterproof (such as Topeak MTX Trunkbag DX), they can still keep your belongings dry in various weather conditions.

They're equipped with roll-top closures - it's worth mentioning that their main drawback is exactly this; they don't provide adequate protection against potential water damage due to the design used in manufacturing them (when rolled down, there's no way for water to get out). Of course, if you go on a day ride and there isn't any risk of rain in sight, then this shouldn't be an issue at all.

When you're planning on spending some time outdoors, especially in harsh weather conditions, choosing Topeak MTX Beam Rack Trunk Bag or the DryBag should keep your belongings safe and dry. They are equipped with welded seams and roll-top closures for extra security - even in cases where rain is pouring down pretty hard, they will still do their job properly.

Unlike most other types of backpacks which tend to come apart at the seams when exposed to prolonged rain (which may be potentially dangerous), this isn't an issue with these two types of bags since they feature welded seams that form a solid barrier against moisture infiltration.

Topeak's MTX Beam racks are also available with the Trunk Bag, which you can use to carry a wide array of items. They provide a lot of carrying capacity and feature adjustable wing nuts for better durability and superior stability. The only downside is that they cannot be used on all types of bikes - before purchasing them make sure you check if your bike is compatible with these bags (most commonly found on Nashbar AL 1-Speed Townie).

What about zippers?

One thing you should be aware of is that these bags are not equipped with waterproof zippers (neither am I), so if your bike gets completely soaked by rain there's a chance that some moisture will seep through the zipper. The problem only occurs when your bike gets wet due to rain; as soon as you move around and expose parts of the pack to wind, all moisture will disappear thanks to the ventilation mechanism employed by Topeak MTX Beam Rack Trunk Bag and similar types of bags.

Topeak is a well-known company in tools and accessory product manufacturing, and recently it has joined the bike-packing race.  In this article, we will share the pros and cons of different types of Top Peak bags used in bike-packing. 

Topeak Toploader (Top Tube bag)

The top tube bag has three straps, and it is placed on the top tube. Two of its straps are wrapped around the top tube while one is around the head tube. It has an exciting design with a single zipper on top, whereas the interior has a yellow lining which makes things more visible. This top peak bag also comes with a divider.


  • Three straps provide enough stability to this Topeak bag.
  • It works great even in harsh weather like rain and snow (only if the zipper is fully closed and hidden in the garage).
  • It comes with a versatile divider that can be moved and removed as per your need
  • It boasts excellent waterproof ability due to the waterproof cover.
  • This product is lightweight.


  • The zipper can get easily stuck if you try to open or close it quickly.
  • Due to the packing material added for stability, its appearance is not that good.
  • When carrying some heavy items, the bag sometimes sways due to the head tube mount being on the bag’s lower side.
  • The bag has a small size which makes it harder to put in large stuff inside the bag thereby limiting capacity. It also occupies space on the top tube.

Topeak Midloader Frame Bag

The top Peak frame bag is a mid-size bag and will fit perfectly to smaller MTB frames and suspension bike frames. You might have enough space left to attach 1 or 2 bottles. It is equipped with sturdy straps that hold the bag in position and 2 zippers on both sides of the bag. This way, you can reach the main pocket from any side.


  • Sturdy anchor points for better stability.
  • Easy access to the main pocket from both sides.
  • Covers protect zippers.
  • This bag has 2 straps on the handlebar, which makes it easier to carry.


  • It might not fit every bike perfectly.
  • Challenging to see items due to the black interior.

Topeak Backloader Seat Bag

In some cases, water and slush might go inside the outer layer of any Top Peak bag, but the dry bag comes in handy in such a situation.


  • It comes with a compressible waterproof bag (also has an air bleed valve)
  • Straps keep the bag away from the tire.
  • Single zipper access point.


  • The bag is not waterproof, excluding the dry bag.
  • Difficult to get items that are placed at the bottom of the bag due to its compartmentalized design.
  • The straps don’t have anchors, which makes them wobbly sometimes.
  • It might have attachment issues for some riders due to buckles.

Topeak Frontloader Handlebar bag

Topeak frontloader is a small harness bag that is attached with the handlebar through two crossing straps.


  • It is very sturdy and performs well in harsh conditions.
  • Its dry bag and harness system keep your stuff safe.


  • It cannot carry much weight for better efficiency.
  • Two sets of straps might be overkill and unnecessary.
  • With the bag mounted on the bar, it is sometimes difficult to access the brakes.

Final word

Topeak bags are built with high-quality material. If you are looking for a medium to large bag, go for a Topeak mid-loader or fork mount. If you want something small and compact to carry daily commuting stuff, choose front loader or top loader. However, if your main priority is the safety of your belongings in the worst condition, go for a waterproof dry bag & harness system.