The list of most comfy and stylish tennis bags for women

Susan Fernandez January 01 2022

What should you consider when choosing a tennis bag?

Are you looking for something stylish, or do prefer the more practical approach? Are you thinking of carrying your whole life in there, or will it only be a few tennis essentials? These are all questions that can be answered by taking into consideration some elements.


Since the bag is supposed to store precious stuff inside, most manufacturers choose high-quality materials. Usually, bags are made out of fabric with a waterproof coating to keep water away from the equipment. Some models have smooth fabric which makes them sturdy and resistant, while others offer more flexibility since they are made out of mesh.

If you are not willing to compromise on quality, buy a bag that has rubberized bottom for protection against wet conditions. Also, pay attention that zippers are water-resistant.


Depending on the number of pockets you like to have, you can either choose a bag with lots of compartments or one that has fewer but larger ones. Drawstring closures are perfect for messy items like socks, while Velcro is more suitable for smaller things like balls and tennis accessories.

Size & Weight

Don't pick something too small if there's no limit to what you want to carry around, or too large in case it becomes difficult to handle it during playtime. Also, keep in mind that some models are heavier than others so before purchasing compare their weights. It's pretty easy nowadays because most popular brands give this information on their websites.

Color & Design

Another element that you should consider is the color and design of your bag. Tennis bags are available in an impressive variety since most manufacturers want to find a perfect match for every player's personality. For example, Babolat offers versatile color options which provide more freedom when it comes to finding something classy but also sporty if you're more inclined towards the latter.

List of 10 best tennis bags for women

These bags combine the most important features: storage capacity, material, durability, and design. They can be used by pros and amateurs alike and won't disappoint in their quality when compared to other models from different brands.

  • Cinda B. Tennis Tote - one of the best tennis bags for women

This sturdy bag doesn't only look great but it also offers enough space so you can easily store all your essentials. It has a spacious main compartment and a zippered pocket on each side which is perfect for smaller items like balls or accessories. Plus, there's another small pouch inside which provides more organization.

The outer fabric of this tote is water-resistant and easy to clean as well as the lining which ensures safety against wet conditions. There are external mesh pockets that provide ventilation and help avoid moisture accumulation.

It also has back straps allowing you to carry it over your shoulder or simply drag it on its rubberized bottom that eases transport even through terrains like dirt and grass. Another great thing is that it's available in many colors so you can choose one according to your preference.

  • Penn Women's Tennis Backpack

If you're not big on bags with lots of pockets, this model is for you since it has just 2 large compartments where you can store all tennis essentials like towels, balls, water bottles, etc., without feeling too crowded. However, there are also some smaller pockets inside which provide more organization including a special zip pocket for valuables.

The outside features mesh ventilation areas added for breathability and moisture-wicking while the base has a rubber texture that prevents slippage when placed on various surfaces. This backpack comes with specially padded cushioned shoulder straps that make it comfortable to carry even during long play sessions. It also has a handle on top for easy carrying when you're not using the straps.

  • Prince Powder Lite Stand Bag

Many players struggle with choosing between a backpack and a tennis bag with shoulder straps because both have advantages and disadvantages. If you want something in between, Prince offers this model which has padded side handles for more convenience when transporting it from one place to another. It's mainly made out of nylon which makes it durable but lightweight at the same time.

The compartments offer enough space so that there is no clutter inside while ergonomic design makes its use comfortable even if it's full of your belongings. There are also smaller pouches inside where you can store various accessories like balls or your phone.

  • Babolat Classic Bag Volley

Keep all your tennis gear in one place with this spacious bag which features 2 large compartments, 1 external pocket for quick access to balls and accessories plus mesh ventilation on the sides for airflow when it's hot outside.

It has a special handle so you can drag it by hand if you don't have enough strength to lift heavy weights but also shoulder straps that are ergonomically designed. An expandability system allows more space when needed while an adjustable chest strap provides user safety since everything is securely attached in place even during intense matches.

  • Glove it tennis backpack

This model is perfect for players that need something with lots of compartments to store all their gear. It's made out of durable materials which are water-resistant and abrasion-resistant too so you don't have to worry about any damage during transportation or storage. There's an internal compartment where you can put your wet towel or sweaty clothes since it has a special protective lining protecting the rest of the bag from humidity and moisture.

Padded shoulder straps allow comfortable carrying while side mesh pockets provide airflow inside the backpack so there won't be any unpleasant odors even after prolonged use. You can also drag it behind you by using its bottom handle if your hands are full and don't want to carry it on your back.

  • Wilson advantage tennis bag

Ideal for young players that want to feel like a pro while having all their gear close, this Wolson model has 2 large compartments so you can store enough tennis balls and clothes. It also has 4 specially added pockets for further storage where you can place your keys, phone or wallet while it's still in the bag so they'll be safe during transport.

One of its advantages is that it offers lots of organization but doesn't look bulky, which means it's perfect if you don't want something that looks too masculine or too casual. You can use it as a backpack with padded shoulder straps or drag it on the ground by using the rubber pads on the bottom thanks to its lightweight design.

  • Ame&Lulu women`s Love All tennis bag

This stylish and functional bag features two large compartments and a special strap design that can be used as a backpack or shoulder straps. It has an internal pocket for your shoes that has ventilation holes so you won't have to worry about unpleasant odors. There's also a large outside pocket where you can store balls, accessories, and other things like keys or wallets while there are special holders for water bottles on each side of the bag which makes it easier to transport one bottle with an elastic holder, plus another spare one inside if needed.

  • Babolat tennis backpack Volley

Providing lots of storage space even though it's not bulky is what Babolat aimed for when creating this model. Made out of durable materials including mesh ventilation areas that prevent your belongings from accumulating humidity and moisture, it has 4 compartments plus one for shoes so there's no clutter.

You can also use all straps to carry this bag whether you prefer using the chest strap or shoulder straps depending on the weight of your contents. There are also special holders for keys or phones, ergonomically designed side pockets for water bottles, and many additional accessories inside.

  • Tacx Pro backpack

Designed for pros that want to move easily around the court without being hindered by a bulky bag, this model is perfect since it doesn't have any superfluous details or elements that might interfere with playing tennis. It features a sleek design with a built-in compartment where you can store a spare racket so you can quickly change it if needed.

The main compartment is big enough to fit all your tennis gear and comes with a special rain cover that protects your belongings from humidity or unexpected showers. There's also a small pocket designed for keys, phones or wallets while the shoulder straps are padded and adjustable as well as ergonomically shaped so they don't slip off when you're playing.

  • Adidas Team II Tennis backpack

If you want something suitable not only for competitive play but also for casual use, this Adidas bag will do the trick. It has lots of room inside where you can store your gear including shoes that have an individual protection net so they won't get dirty.

There are 2 large compartments plus one smaller one for accessories like bracelets, keys or phones so you won't have to worry about losing them while playing. You can also choose between using the back or front handle according to your needs while ergonomically designed shoulder straps move freely when you swing so they don't get in the way of your game.

How can you care about tennis bags?

As you can see, finding a perfect tennis bag doesn't have to be hard. All you need to do is keep certain factors in mind like durability and how much room it has inside while making sure there are special compartments where you can store other things like keys or phones.

Also, pay attention if your sports bag comes with a rain cover or not because that's an important detail that might save your equipment from humidity and moisture which could cause damage and unpleasant odors. The same goes for size since smaller ones will require less storage space while bigger backpacks provide lots of safety and organization while moving around the court so you never lose any item during a match.

Clean it only with a dry cloth and mild soap since using other types of disinfectants, solvents or detergents might ruin the material or cause color bleeding. Wash your sports gear at 30°C / 86°F. If you put your bag in a washing machine then please use a laundry net. The tennis bag can be washed at 30 degrees, but the shoes must have their own place inside the bag so they won't be affected by other items.

You should always use a waterproof spray to protect the outer material from humidity and other elements that might damage it or cause bad odors as well as color fading. The best time for applying such a product is after every cleaning process if you want to keep your sports bag looking pristine for longer than usual.

Which one is the most popular?

This is a question without an easy answer since it depends on many factors that can't be generalized, but there's a way to find out.

If you want a bag that looks stylish and will turn some heads when you're carrying it around the court, the Wilson pro tennis backpack with wheels is highly recommended.

In case you care more about function than design then Adidas Team II or Yonex backpacks are perfect choices where you'll see lots of pockets and special compartments for your gear as well as the shoes so they won't dirty other items inside. All in all, those 2 models offer great value for money and their low price tags mean everyone can afford them.

Bottom line

When you're planning to get a new tennis backpack always look for such elements as thickness and durability of the material, how much room it has inside, and whether it has special compartments where you can store other things like keys or phones while paying attention if your sports bag comes with a rain cover.

If this sounds like too much work don't worry because we've done all the hard work for you by compiling a list of the comfiest and most stylish bags available on the market right now.