The Best Gym Bags For Lugging Your Sweaty Clothes In Style

VD August 08 2021

There’s a certain charm about gym bags. Not those cheap duffel bags with branded logos that you get for free with a purchase of sunscreen. A quality, stylish gym bag looks great when touted in the office, telling the world that you treat your exercise seriously and take care of your clothes, too. What’s another important quality of a gym bag? Its antimicrobial properties, of course.

Why antimicrobial fabric is a must for a gym bag

More than ever before, people are now looking for ways to ensure their own personal safety and that of others. By carrying your gym gear in a bag with finishes that fight the spread of germs, you are signaling that you care about the wellbeing and safety of everyone.

Antibacterial fabric in gym bags is made from active substances that permanently create a layer that prevents the formation and growth of bacteria. This extra protection can be an additional reassurance for the users of these gym bags.

But the biggest benefit of these gym bags is that they are hygienic and eliminate odors. Unpleasant smells caused by bacteria through water and sweat from fitness clothing, yoga clothing, shoes, and fitness accessories are blocked. 

Whether you're leaving the gym or after every workout, you want to store your clothes without leaving any body odor. If your clothes are soaked in sweat, you can conceal your workout clothes in a safe and durable bag for easy walking around.

There are many things to consider when choosing a sports bag. Especially good are gym bags with water bottle holder. Believe me, after a hard workout, you will definitely need water, and you should provide a place for it in your gym bag.

What kind of antimicrobial gym bags are there?

Whether you're trying a HiiT class or going for a run, you need a gym bag that suits you. But how big should your gym bag be and how do you know which one is best?  

Do you want to swim a few laps before work? Then you need a waterproof antibacterial gym bag that wicks away moisture and has a waterproof compartment for your swimsuit. In addition, a sports bag with a toiletry bag is ideal for shampoo, hairspray, and other important shower items.

When you're out and about, a drawstring bag or mini sports backpack is just the thing for you. 

Do you go straight to work afterward? Then an antimicrobial gym bag that resembles a shoulder bag is more suitable. 

What should I pack in an antimicrobial gym bag?

For fitness enthusiasts, packing your gym bag is routine. Maybe you like to keep your gym bag pre-packed, or you prefer to have different options.  

When it comes to essential accessories, deodorant and shower supplies should be high in your list. Also, a comb is a quick and easy option to style your hair before you set off. For days when you're in a hurry, a little dry shampoo is enough.

If you go straight to work, don't forget to put on your work clothes. If you want to put it in your antimicrobial gym bag, store it flat in a separate compartment where it won't wrinkle. Keep your shoes in a separate foldable bag to keep everything clean. 

Lastly, we recommend that you keep your snacks on top.

We all have busy lifestyles. Whether it's devoting hours to work, constantly commuting from places, or looking after a home. We are always on the move and an antimicrobial gym bag makes life less stressful (and smelly).