How to choose soccer bags for girls

Susan Fernandez January 01 2022

Soccer bags are equipment bags designed for soccer players. The equipment is used during play, for training, or warm-ups.

Soccer gear can be made up of the following: uniforms, shin guards, cleats (also known as "boots"), headgears (such as hats to keep sweat out of eyes), socks, training balls, towels, and water bottles to stay hydrated, among other things. All this equipment can come in a bag that is referred to as a soccer bag.

A soccer player's equipment bag has several compartments that keep all their belongings organized and ready for use on the field or at practice.

Types of soccer bags

  1. The first type of soccer bag for girls is the rolling duffel bag. These kinds of bags are great for carrying a lot in a small space. But they lack style and versatility when it comes to storage.
  2. The next type of soccer bag for girls is the backpack bag or rolling backpack. This kind of bag gives you more flexibility in how you use them for your different daily travels but they lack size and organization.
  3. The third type of soccer bag for girls is the three-way duffel bag, which gives you even more room but also lacks organization when it comes to carrying all your things from place to place.
  4. The next type of soccer bag for girls is the backpack/duffel hybrid, these come with a lot of options however can range a bit too big depending on what school supplies you carry around.
  5. Lastly, you could choose to go with the ever-growing trend; an oversized tote bag. This is great for keeping all your stuff in one easy-access place but lacks any organization and looks like the newest popular shopping tote bag at your local department store.

So there are several different types of sports bags for girls that do not have enough room or that lack style and versatility when it comes to storage.

Main features of soccer bags

  • Durability - Top soccer bags for youth should be durable and not easy to break. Choose ones that are stitched, and have more than one layer of stitching on the handles and seams. Ensure that all zips or pockets can be opened easily while still intact by checking they do not get stuck when opening/closing them.
  • Weight - Make sure you carry girly soccer bags around sometimes, check how heavy it is compared to other options out there. If possible, try putting a few weights in for testing purposes to see if the bag is too heavy before taking it out with your gear inside!
  • Design - Depending on gender preference, some designs will look better than others visually. Boys tend to go for darker colors, while girls like bright pink, purple or blue.
  • Size - Again depends on the user's preference however it is important to consider that you can fit all of your gear in there, including balls! If the bag has too much space then other people will be tempted to take some of your stuff out and use them if they are training with you.
  • Brand - Although not always true, generally speaking, brands do create better quality products than non-branded options available. The big named brands each specialize in producing certain bags for different sports so ensure to look up which brand is best suited for what sport before purchasing a soccer bag.
  • Price - Expensive isn't always good and cheap doesn't always mean bad. Compare the best-rated girly soccer bags to see which has the best value for money, don't just go with the price!
  • Pockets - You are likely going to need your phone, water bottle, and keys when training so ensure you have enough pockets or compartments inside to hold these things securely without them moving around in your bag.
  • Airflow - Make sure there are air vents in the bottom of the bag because if it can't breathe then your gear is likely to start smelling horrible after use!
  • Material - The material should be breathable yet strong enough that it won't tear easily, look for mesh fabric!

What must be a girl`s soccer bag?

So, what is the difference between boys` and girls` sports bags? Basic differences are in colors and cut. Women prefer light-color bags, for example, pink or purple. Boys like darker colors such as black or gray.

Also, the so-called unisex soccer bag has the same cuts for both boys and girls. But it`s not always true because there are some types of soccer bags that only men can use if they want to display their masculinity why! That is it`s important to understand your preferences when buying a new one.

What do you need to look at when choosing a ladies' soccer backpack?

First of all, pick up the right size of your future women`s backpack – not too big nor too small – simply take into account how much gear you will put inside. If you have applied for various teams, you must have all the necessary equipment for practice or games.

Usually, it would be like this: shin guards, sports shoes, balls (probably several), deodorant, tissues, and wet wipes (for both yourself and your soccer shoes) in addition to usual items like keys. For women`s backpacks is better to pick up the one which is made of lighter material because ladies are not that strong as men in general.

12 most popular brands for soccer bags

  • Athletico youth soccer bags

This brand produces numerous types of bags, including Adidas Equip bag for 10 dollars. It is made of fabric which can be washed in a machine. One size fits all youth players up to height 6 feet.

  • Doritos youth soccer backpack

This product has one main pocket and two side pockets with zipper closure. You can use it as a school backpack too because you can fit your laptop or textbooks inside easily if you have this for soccer until the day comes when you are finally rich enough to afford both school and soccer equipment!

  • Molten pro force training bag

It is obviously designed for training purposes only due to its small size (19 inches x 9 inches x 8 inches). When empty, weighs 1 lb making it the perfect choice for daily travels.

  • Nike youth backpack

This big-sized Nike model is for younger players aged 5 to 11 years old. The main pocket fits all necessary equipment, including socks and jerseys. There are also two side pockets with zippers that can store water bottles or shakers of your choice. It has adjustable straps so it will fit you perfectly no matter how much weight you put inside or if you`re a few inches taller than the average kid!

  • Puma pro force soccer bag

This one is made by Puma – the same manufacturer as above – but it costs less because it is designed especially for beginners – young kids between 7 and 12 years old who need something more lightweight yet durable enough to carry their training equipment around from place to place.

  • Diadora youth backpack

Just like the standard one this model is perfect for school or soccer practice because you can fit inside all necessary equipment, including a water bottle and multiple pairs of socks. What makes it special is its great design and numerous colors so your kids will be identified with their team immediately!

  • Under Armour youth soccer backpack

This model has a large main pocket and front accessory zipper pocket where you can put keys or wallets in order to avoid misplacing them while training on the field. There are also two side mesh pockets that can hold shakers or small balls of your choice. Everything is adjustable so it will snugly fit onto your back just perfectly!

  • Vizari sport Solano backpack

This lightweight model is made of durable fabric and has multiple pockets inside to keep all items well organized. The main pocket can fit a water bottle if it`s not too big(up to 10 inches in height) and is large enough for personal effects plus a notebook or tablet.

  • LISH soccer backpack

LISH soccer bag is made of 100 percent polyester, which makes it very easy to clean. It has one main pocket and two side pockets with zipper closures. Lish company produces not only bags but also other team equipment like balls or pinnies.

  • ERANT soccer bag

ERANT sports bag has one large main pocket and two side pockets for extra storage plus an adjustable chest strap that secures the bag to your body. A great choice for school, gym, or soccer practice!

How to make a soccer bag of your own?

Well, you can go to the store and buy one of the models presented above depending on your budget or just look around your house for any backpack that is large enough to fit all necessary items. The main component you need in order to make it work for soccer purposes are elastic loops exactly where you place the cones while training.

You can make a DIY soccer bag, the materials you will need are:

  1. Pack of elastic loops that are placed just where you place your cones during training
  2. Soccer ball or other equipment you use during training
  3. Scissors for cutting the fabric to desired size and shape, but leave some allowance for seams.

And now it`s time to start sewing! First cut out all the pieces you need from fabric, lining, or both if you are making a double-walled bag - one large piece for the front side and two smaller ones for the sides.

They should be approximately an inch larger than the final measurements so you can sew them without any difficulties. It is recommended that you leave a 5 cm allowance on each edge which will help later when your bag needs to be washed. After this step sews color pieces together and edges with allowance to the main piece, which should be right-side up.

It is time to attach elastic loops – you will need two for each soccer bag and one more that will go across the front pocket if you make a double-walled bag. Just place them where you decided to put your cones during drills and sew them in place.

If you want you can also make holes on both sides of the top part of your bag (just behind the shoulder straps) and string some cord or rope through it so everyone can easily grab their own ball from outside their bag. The last thing left to do is decorate it as desired – just cut out a smaller piece of fabric and sew it over the front porch, perhaps with a name or number of your kid that will look good with the model.

How to pack your soccer bag?

You might be interested in knowing how to assemble your football bag. Therefore, we have found an interesting video for you, which tells in detail about what you should put in a sports bag.

How to customize your soccer bag?

You can easily spot out the parts where you need loops and cut holes in those places with a sharp utility knife. Remember to check how many cones (5 or 7) you normally use during training and cut only as many loops as necessary – this way they will all stay put without any problems!

This is probably the most popular model of soccer bag among professional players and coaches due to the fact that it allows them to carry everything they need for a successful training session including balls, cones, and pinnies. The exterior is made of durable fabric with a water-resistant coating which means your stuff will stay dry even if it rains!

Bottom line

Soccer is a highly competitive game played with one objective – to score as many goals as possible. Sports bags for girls are not only about practicality, they also define your character and show what you can do on the field. You need to be ready for anything so don`t forget to bring water along!

This was our list of the top 10 most popular girly soccer bags nowadays. We hope you will find it useful if making a choice between different models which all look very similar but come in various prices and capabilities. Some will suit more casual users while others are made for pros but try finding a model that is suitable both for yourself or your kid!