Great Dirt Biking Backpacks

VD October 10 2021

It can be challenging to find the right backpack that you can carry on a dirt bike. A search for dirt biking backpacks gives you a number of hydration pack options, but nothing else. Although water is the most important thing to take when on the trail, it is not the only thing that will be needed. Food, first aid kits, and toolkits can add a lot of extra weight that can never fit a hydration pack. Therefore, a dirt bike backpack can do the job for you, and the majority of riders will agree that it is a more practical option.

There are certain things that you need to know about dirt biking backpacks. First of all, they are designed for riders who actually ride bikes. They come with durable materials, padded straps and inserts, and cargo space. You won't find any designer or cute options on the market because these aren't meant for walking around town; they are made to carry heavy items on rough trails.

It's important not to confuse a dirt-riding backpack with an ordinary hiking one because their purposes differ so much. When choosing a backpack, make sure it has enough support around your waist as well as padding in the shoulder straps. But as many people know, you should also take waterproof bags for cycling. The best type is usually a smaller pack with a lot of pockets and compartments inside, because those are easier to access.

Also, keep in mind that you will need a hydration pack to go with the backpack. It might not always be included but it is highly recommended if you want to stay safe and avoid dehydration. Besides the water bladder, there are also plenty of places where you can store your smartphone or any other item that provides necessary back up, like an external battery.

What would be the downside of using a dirt bike backpack? Well, they're expensive for one thing! It's just another piece of equipment that needs some extra money taken out from your pocket each month. In addition to this financial aspect, it takes some time getting used to carrying a new weight on your back while riding at high speeds. The best advice is to try on a few different ones and pick the one that feels most comfortable.

Still, people swear by their dirt biking backpacks because they can carry so much more than just water! They are durable, well-made, and made for real riders, which is why they are safe options even though they cost nearly as much as a new motorcycle. If you ask any biker about where you should spend your money, he or she will tell you straight up that it's your safety gear! These packs have everything you might need in them while riding through rough terrain.

List of the best dirt biking backpacks

Osprey Daylight Plus

The Daylight Plus dirt bike backpack can be found in a number of colors depending on what your preferences are and comes fitted with two meshed side pockets to offer room for water bottle storage. You will appreciate that this dirt bike backpack has a main compartment offering a complete storage room for the accessories. With proper airflow in your back, you are prevented from sweating when you ride in high-temperature areas.

TETON Sports Oasis 1100 Pack

This is another top-notch dirt bike rucksack by TETON. It has a two-liter hydration bladder and is made using high-quality materials. As a rider, you will love that its main compartment runs the entire length and has two-way zippers. This item is unisex because of the way its waist strap is designed, and if you want to choose from different colors, then you should consider yourself lucky because this product is available in a rainbow of shades. This dirt bike backpack also has a back panel that gives maximum airflow at the back section.

Osprey Escapist 25

Osprey took it further with this particular brand because this dirt bike backpack is available in different sizes and is made with refined nylon material of top grade to ensure that it has a long life. If you have numerous items to carry around, this dirt biking backpack is the one that you should consider buying. It offers you extra storage where footwear and clothing can be stored, where the breathable material of the back panel offers you a lot of comfort.

Live Infinity 10-Liter Hydration Pack

The 10-liter hydration pack from Live Infinity doubles as a dirt bike rucksack since it has two colossal storage compartments in addition to the side pockets where it is possible to store a bottle of water. This item also has a headphone jack, so you can always listen to music when riding your dirt bike. Its small pocket to store the keys is one feature that makes this particular commodity stand out. You also get maximum stability because of its wide waist strap, whereas the horizontal and the vertical chest straps are another feature that adds to the balance.

Deuter Trans Alpine 30

The Trans Alpine backpack comes with an air mesh back panel that you will find well-cushioned for easy use. In addition to that, this dirt bike backpack also supplies you with proper air circulation at the back. It is manufactured with a durable and high-end grade refined polyester material, while its extra compartments will offer you space that you may need to store all the belongings. This dirt bike backpack also comes with a rain cover.

Bottom Line

There is a wide variety of dirt biking rucksacks out there on the market, but it can still be a challenge to settle for a single one of them. A dirt biking backpack comes in a lot of colors and mostly has two meshed side pockets where the water bottles can be placed. They are not made to look cute or fashionable. This is because their main purpose is function over design. One thing that you will acknowledge about this product is the extra room that it offers for storage. Bikers will be able to fit more tools and gadgets with them so that they have what they need as soon as they pull up somewhere with poor cell reception. In general, if you want an ideal ride, you should always try on a rucksack before buying it - many shops give this service for free, and make sure that there's enough space inside of it for everything that you might need. Therefore, the rider who wants comfort and space should be going for a dirt biking backpack.