Bestseller bags for nurses

Susan Fernandez January 01 2022

What are nurses' bags for?

There is a big question about what is a nurse's bag for? They are amazing handbags that can be used by nurses, doctors, and other health care workers.

In addition to having all the essentials one might need when visiting a patient or going into surgery, they also have room for personal items such as wallets, phones, watches, and keys. Also because there are so many different models of bags out there you can find a bestseller bag for nurses according to your style, profession, and needs.

What goes in a nurse's bag?

When it comes to putting together things that should go in a nurse's bag one must be prepared for the fact that every hospital will have different rules regarding this subject. There will usually always be basic things such as no doubt that they are used to carry the most important objects of this profession, for example, books or manuals, patient files, documents, or technical devices.

This is the answer that most people who do not know about this type of bag could give you when you ask them what nurses' bags are for. However, there is another question they fail to address which is "What types of materials are the best choice for nurses bags?" Let's find out!

Types of materials

Nurses bags are often made with nylon materials since they are waterproof and also allow air circulation on the skin. These features make them ideal for outdoor use. They are very easy to clean, usually, water or soap can be sufficient to remove any kind of stain; moreover, it will dry really quickly. In addition, they are very light to carry around, despite the fact that some models can be very large. To ensure safety, most of them have reflective bands for better visibility during night shifts.

What should you look for when purchasing a bag?

In order to find the bestseller bag for nurses according to your own specific needs, there are a few things you should consider before making a purchase: how much do you need it to hold? Would a backpack or a messenger bag suit your style and type of work?

Do you want two separate compartments so that clean and dirty materials don't mix while being carried around? How many holders would you need? Are there enough pen loops or could these use an extra pair just in case? Are there comfortable and adjustable waist straps?

TOP-12 bags for nurses

  • Everest deluxe tote

This bag is perfect for those nurses who prefer to carry as little as possible. It's made of high-quality nylon and has two separate compartments, one with a zipper and the other open. There are also holders for cell phones, pens, tape measures, and several open pockets on both sides; all designed in such a way that you can easily reach everything you want.

  • Surgical nurse backpack

This model is specially designed with medical staff in mind: it has two large main compartments and three front pockets which will accommodate almost anything you need to take with you. The backside is padded and ergonomic; moreover, there are adjustable shoulder straps so that the bag won't bother you even if it's heavy. The material is water-resistant and can be easily cleaned.

  • Seville deluxe medical bag

This model is a very large messenger bag with a double compartment designed for medical staff use, however, it's also ideal for those working as nurses assistants or nursing students who need to carry more stuff than usual. It has everything you could require: holders for cell phones, pens, marker pens and highlighters, two open pouches on the sides, and three pockets in front. The material is waterproof so no washing difficulties will arise. There are also adjustable shoulder straps and a waist strap for extra support during strenuous work schedules.

  • NASM Deluxe backpack

It is made of durable nylon this bag has enough space to accommodate all your needs: there are three pockets and holders for cell phones, pens or markers; it has a waist strap and adjustable shoulder straps; its back is also padded and ergonomically shaped. The only downside of this model is that it doesn't have a second compartment like most bags in our TOP do.

  • KOI medical nurse bag

This bag has a simple but practical design which makes it perfect for those who prefer simplicity and straightforwardness. The exterior is made of tear-resistant nylon and the material inside is polyester; there are 3 pockets in front, holders for cell phones or pens, an open porch on the side, and two compartments with zippers.

  • Everest sports backpack

It's perfect for those nurses who love outdoor activities: this model has a waterproof and breathable material so you can take it to the sites without worrying about humidity or dust ruining your belongings. It also has 2 small pouches in front and holders for pens/markers; moreover, there's a pocket designed specially to fit an MP3 player if needed. There's also a waist strap and ergonomically shaped shoulder straps.

  • Seville nurse tote bag

This model is much like the previous one in terms of design: it has two compartments divided by a zipper; moreover, there are holders for pens, MP3 players, cell phones etc. There's also a pocket designed especially for fitting an e-book reader or tablet up to 10 inches which makes it very practical for those who read medical articles on the go. The only downside is that this bag doesn't have ionizing material so it would be better not to take it inside radiation rooms.

  • Koala medical backpack

It's perfect if you prefer using backpacks: this model has holders for almost everything you would need, more precisely: a holder for a 2-liter hydration pack, holders for pens and markers on either side of the bag, a pocket designed specially to fit a tablet of up to 10 inches, two pockets in the front which will be perfect for your wallet and personal belongings. The only downside is that it doesn't have an ionizing material.

  • Hopkins medical mini shoulder bag

This is a mini messenger bag which you can either carry on your shoulder or take it as a handbag: it has three main compartments and eight pockets divided by zipper, six of them being exterior ones. There's also a mesh pocket designed to fit an e-book reader or tablet up to 10 inches. Keep in mind though that this bag doesn't have ionizing material.

  • Nurse mates signature traveler ultimate bag

This is a large messenger bag which will fit all you need during your shift, more precisely: it has two pockets in front for keeping small items like wallets, two medium pouches with holders for pens or markers on either side, another pocket specially designed to fit an e-book reader or tablet up to 10 inches and three large compartments with zippers. The shoulder straps are adjustable and there's also a waist strap; the material is waterproof so no washing difficulties should arise.

  • Esvan floral large tote bag

We need to mention that this bag has a different design from the previous ones, is made of durable cotton it's perfect if you prefer using large totes in order to fit all your belongings. There are holders for cell phones or pens on either side and two compartments with zippers; there are also mesh pockets designed to hold MP3 players or small e-book readers or tablets up to 10 inches. Keep in mind though that once again this bag doesn't have an ionizing material so you can't bring it inside radiation rooms.

  • Samsonite nylon backpack

This is another model of a backpack which is very popular among nurses: it's made of nylon and polyester, it has two main compartments with zippered closure and a mesh pouch for holding small items like keys or wallets. There are also two exterior compartments that will be perfect for your belongings and a pocket designed specially to fit an e-book reader or tablet up to 10 inches. There's no ionizing material but the pocket that fits a tablet makes this bag very easy to use in daily activities, not just while working.

So, what must be inside a nurse`s bag?

Medical books

To start with, you mustn't forget that you need to bring medical books or other study materials with you. Remember that there's a difference between a nurse and a student nurse: the latter studies while working in order to get a degree while the former only cares about handling patients. A nurse`s bag must have what is essential for their work, being this medical books of course.

Clinical thermometer

Second of all, one clinical thermometer should be enough so you don't need to carry your entire department inside your bag. However, some say it's better for nurses not to rely on electronic thermometers at all because they tend to malfunction very often so if possible bring an old-fashion glass one.

Injection needles

Injection needles are another very important item to be placed in a nurse`s bag, they must always be within reach.


Just like injection needles, syringes mustn't be kept away from the patient's room or from your reach. It is recommended that you know how much fluid weighs each milliliter so you won't have trouble while drawing up drugs into the syringe.

Hand sanitizers and gel

Nurses need to keep their hands clean at all times so it would be best if you included hand sanitizers and the gel inside your bag, especially during flu seasons when everyone gets infected. You should take care of yourself first if you want to avoid getting sick but it's not always possible because sometimes patients have the best of you.

Alcohol wipes

Alcohol wipes are also essential for any nurse to use at least once every shift, either to clean an area before applying a medical device or just before giving shots.

Spray bottle with disinfectant solution/wipes

Remember that whenever you enter a patient's room you must thoroughly wipe it down first in order to avoid spreading diseases. However, there are cases where spraying the room directly with disinfectant is required by regulations so it's better if your bag includes one spray bottle full of disinfectant solution and some wipes as well.

Breast pump

  A breast pump should always be within reach since breastfeeding is fairly common among nursing mothers as it helps them bond with the child and reduce stress.

Vomit bowl

A small vomit bowl is required since sick people tend to be messy so you'll need a place that's easily cleaned up where they can throw up. Make sure that your bag includes one of those and some plastic bags as well because sometimes patients lack bowel control, too.

Extra uniform

An extra uniform is always recommended inside a nurse`s bag since accidents happen quickly and nurses tend to get covered in blood or other bodily fluids on daily basis. It would be best if you include an entire uniform (slacks, blouse, shoes) for each of the three shifts; try not to include any accessories like jewelry because you don't want to lose them inside the patients' room.

Face mask, gloves, and gown

Remember that surgeons or other health professionals may ask you to don a face mask, plastic gloves or a full-body infection control gown if they are performing invasive procedures on their patients.   

Comfortable shoes with anti-slip soles

Make sure you include some comfortable but stylish shoes in your bag because being on your feet for hours is tiring enough without adding the discomfort of wearing bad shoes. Also, try to choose ones that have non-slip soles so you won't keep falling off even when it's raining outside.


After reading this article, nurses should feel better equipped with the knowledge of what goes inside their nurse bag and become more encouraged to spend less time looking for supplies and focus more on taking care of patients.