Best Mountain Bike Backpacks

VD October 10 2021

Many people enjoy mountain biking as it provides a complete body workout as well as the joys of being outside in beautiful scenery. Mountain biking also gives the opportunity to enjoy the natural surreal beauty of our planet. It is quite possible that the mountain rides can span for a number of hours, and a few adventurists go even further and take mountain biking trips for a few days at a time.

No matter how far you plan to go, it is essential to keep yourself prepared for rides of any length. Preparation can include a number of items, but most importantly, a rider must have a backpack of good quality designed especially for mountain biking. Although there is a wide variety of mountain bike backpacks out there, you have to choose the one that can meet all your needs out of these best mountain biking backpacks.

There are a lot of things to consider when planning for such an adventure. Certainly, you will need the proper mountain bike, and whether you bring it in your car or fix it on top of your vehicle, you need to make sure that this special type of transportation is always available. There's also the most important consideration: food and water!

Just like hiking, camping can be done with enough preparation; yet even with all these considered, there is one item that most people forget about: hydration! It makes sense as we tend to think more about walking than biking as walking doesn't require hands and arms for balance etc., although biking certainly does. Thus, having a hydration pack for cycling is necessary if not critical if we want to have a good time outside.

There are a lot of hydration packs out there, and the ones made for cycling are a bit different from other mountain bike backpacks. The main difference is its compact design which includes a bladder that holds the water among other things such as pockets for needed items like keys or phone while biking.

It can also include features that make it easy to carry on your person when biking, such as pockets with zippers between the legs for holding it in place while riding. In addition, other features could be reflective material so we can ride safely even in pitch darkness and chest straps so we don't lose our rucksack when we take down some insane jumps.

How do you choose the best mountain biking backpack?

When shopping for such a backpack, it is best to look through four different key factors: price, design, and comfort. You don't want to get something that's perfect in all aspects but too expensive for you to buy; instead, you should always look at the bigger picture and consider all other features.

  • Price

The prices can vary greatly depending on the size and amount of features included with the hydration pack. Like mentioned before, there are many packs out there that come with various options so be sure to look around and take into consideration what you need or if you could get away with just a standard model which would save some money. Keep in mind that oftentimes, more expensive isn't necessarily better!

  • Design

Not only should you consider the design of your hydration pack, but also the other features such as reflective material that'll keep you safe when riding at night or other features like chest straps to hold it in place while biking.

  • Comfort

Maybe this factor sounds obvious, yet we tend to overlook things we may take for granted; thus always make sure to look into comfort while cycling and ensure that your backpack fits well and is easy to adjust. When trying a new mountain bike rucksack, be sure to put it on before checking out any other factors, and even try biking with it on! You don't want to stop for any reason if you're halfway through the trail. Thus, always wear your backpack before checking anything else!

Design and comfort are the two most important aspects of a backpack, especially for mountain biking. You want to have a comfortable fit that allows you to ride without worrying about the mountain biking backpack feeling too uncomfortable. In addition, if you choose one with pockets in front, it can be very useful as there will be times when you need to take out your wallet or phone for something so being able to store them securely is always nice.

In addition, durability is another aspect of a backpack that's quite important as well because we do not want something that'll break soon after getting it. Like anything else, you get what you pay for; thus don't go shopping for an expensive pack unless you need it! Always look at the bigger picture and consider what you need first.

There are many other aspects about mountain bike backpacks that could be useful for riding, so take everything into consideration when shopping. Always consider the comfort because if you cannot even ride properly because of your mountain biking backpack, it is not doing its purpose! Also, design matters too as there are some with pockets between the legs where water can go or even packs that come with a bladder. It all depends on the type of rider you are and what you require out of your hydration pack!

All in all, it is best to look at each of these factors and consider how important they are. You don't want to make any mistakes or regrets when purchasing such an important item like a hydration pack especially if you plan on biking often. Do some research; ask around; take your time; read reviews; try it on; hike with it...But most importantly, enjoy the outdoors and ride safe!

List of best mountain biking backpacks

Jack Wolfskin TRT 22 Liter Pack

This mountain biking backpack by Jack Wolfskin comes with an intuitive design so that you can get the most out of your pack. It is possible to pull the gear loops when in need, and these remain concealed behind the front slatted panels. You can carry it just like a suitcase by stowing away the shoulder straps behind the back padding. This bag also comes with a main compartment, laundry compartment, two side pockets, and a laptop compartment.

Osprey Raptor 14 Hydration Pack

This hydration pack has a hydraulics LT reservoir of 2.5L. The reservoir lies in the internal hydration sleeve and offers you a lot of room to store the essential kit as well as many other things. You will find its harness to be completely adjustable with an AirScape back panel to have a stabilized and comfortable fit. It offers you ventilation so that you can have comfort at your back. The Osprey Raptor 14 hydration pack doubles as a mountain biking rucksack giving you excellent water protection and a rugged Nylon Diamond Ripstop construction.

Adidas Linear Classic Day Back Pack

This is among the best mountain biking backpacks that offer Adidas styling, while you will find it great for the classic gym as well as everyday use. With a single main compartment, this backpack is roomy as well as comfortable, and you can place all your kit here. In order to have easy access to different items, there is an out-zipper pocket. It is possible to carry everything with ease and comfort as this mountain biking backpack has padded adjustable shoulder straps. The Adidas Linear rucksack comes with various pockets and has an Adidas logo on its front.

Endura MT500 Enduro Backpack

This backpack is excellent for endurance racing and mountain bike trail riding, and in order to have optimized performance, it has a 3-liter Hydrapak bladder. In order to protect you from injury, this mountain biking backpack comes with a level 2 Koroyd back protector. As this backpack has a 15-liter volume, therefore, you can easily place all the essentials in it. The Endur MT500 is light in weight and comes with perforated foam shoulder straps to give an airy feel. It is even possible to place the standard helmets, as this rucksack comes with Helmet Carry System.

Leatt DBX Mountain Lite 2.0

The backpack from Leatt DBX features back protection which is great for mountain bikers. You will have a multi-impact level 1 to get back protection, whereas the space that this mountain biking backpack offers is enough to carry your entire essentials. It comes with a durable outer shell and is light in weight which makes it very comfortable for you. In order to get correct load positioning, this mountain biking rucksack also comes with a height-adjustable harness.


It is crucial for any mountain rider to have a backpack because, in order to keep hydrated, the rider will require a lot of water, especially for long-distance adventures. As a mountain bike rider, you need to choose the right one out of the best mountain biking backpacks. Although it may not be that easy, in order to compare, you can see different features of each, and in the end, you can get the one you need when you search correctly.


What is a mountain biking rucksack?

It is different from cycling hydration backpacks since the rider can keep the essentials and has a capacity for water storage so that the rider can keep himself hydrated when on a long ride. The mountain biking backpack needs to be comfortable, light in weight, and waterproof.

Which mountain biking backpack can be the best for mountain riding?

If you want to choose the rucksack for mountain riding, you need to get one that offers you comfort as well as a firmer grip with straps. This will be helpful for you to ride safely on the mountain trails.

How much water is required for mountain biking?

Any rider needs to consume around 16-24 ounces before they hit the trail. When the rider gets within the two-hour window, then he should start reducing the amount of water intake, as the body will not have enough time to absorb it.