8 best chalk bags for any trip!

Susan Fernandez February 02 2022

What is a chalk bag?

A chalk bag is a small, closed-cell foam or cloth sack that holds climbing chalk (talcum powder), which climbers use for drying their hands. Climbers also put the chalk on their bodies to absorb moisture and improve grip.

Chalk bags come in various sizes, with small models intended to be tucked into tight spots like bouldering pants pockets; well-sized ones may hold almost an entire can of chalk.

When do you need a chalk bag?

Most climbers wear their chalk bags around the waist, but some prefer putting them around their necks or clipping them onto harnesses. Before tucking away your new purchase, make sure you have threaded this essential tool correctly. First, open up the bottom seam of the bag by pulling apart the two sides making a round opening.

Now, thread your belt or the strap through the loop created by opening up the seam. Once you have done this, cinch it shut by pulling on both ends of the bag creating another double knot in front. After this is all taken care of pull the excess belt back along with both knot strands to create one big knot against your pants/shorts. This is how you know that your chalk bag is secured and ready for use!

What should you put into the chalk bag?

When you get ready for a trip up the wall, you want to make sure all your gear is packed and ready for anything. There are many different chalk bags on the market that have different features, but most have a belt loop, strap or carabiner clip.

These include drawstrings, cord locks, and even magnetic closures. Some chalk bags also have zipper pockets or other features that allow climbers to carry extra items like keys or cell phones securely with them during their climb.

How to choose a good one?

Although there are hundreds of options for chalk bags out there, they are not built equally. When it comes to this essential climbing tool, there are three main things climbers need to look for: ease of use/closure/quality materials. Climbers need a chalk bag that will hold an entire chalk supply, allow for quick and easy access, all while allowing it to be securely strapped onto the climber's clothing.

If you are just starting out, we recommend looking into getting a small, lightweight chalk bag that can easily slip into your pockets. Some examples of these include the Metolius Dirt Bag II or Black Diamond Ozone chalk bags. Another great example is our Wild Country Pro chalk bag which has a drawstring closure and belt loop making it an easy addition to any beginner climbing gear list!

Who else can use chalk bags?

But what if you are not a climber and still want a small but roomy chalk bag? For example, such bags will suit people who do yoga or surf. They will keep your hands dry and prevent your grip from slipping.

Smaller climbing chalk bags, those that are about the size of a tennis ball, fit easily in the palm of your hand and offer just enough room for a handful of chalk. But you can't really fit much more than that into such a bag – at least not the kind made with stretchy fabric. A standard-size bag is about 8 inches tall by 4 inches wide (20 cm by 10 cm), which is good for holding plenty of loose chalk without it spilling out everywhere as you take it out of your backpack or bag.

As for travelers, chalk bags are also widely used by people who like to climb the rock faces of the local mountains or cliffs. Unfortunately, they don't tend to pack hand towels with them on such climbs and find their sweaty hands slipping off the rocks on a regular basis. For such situations, powder chalk bags add enough extra dryness on your palms to make climbing much safer and more enjoyable.

What should you pay attention to before buying a chalk bag?

  • Size:

Chalk bags are usually the size of a softball or larger depending on your preference. They will usually carry anywhere from 2-3 blocks of chalk each. If you are bouldering, having smaller pockets in the front for quick access is ideal. For more experienced climbers, consider buying an extra-large/oversized bag that can hold multiple chalks at once, allowing climbers to seamlessly switch between exercises without interrupting the flow.

  • Durability:

When it comes to material, there are two options that should be taken into consideration when choosing a new chalk bag for yourself or someone else. The first option includes all leather goods which are made with high-quality materials for long-lasting use. However, these tend to be pricier given the advanced stitching techniques used in making them. The second option is a more affordable blend of materials that makes for a stylish bag perfect for everyday use!

  • Zippered pocket:

During climbing, climbers tend to use their fingertips and palms of their hands in order to maintain grip. For this reason, fingers can take a beating when it comes to chalk bags; oftentimes zippers will fall victim to this! Look for bags with zipper closures that are well sewn and made from high-quality materials like metal or plastic. If you want extra protection make sure the closure is well reinforced usually through double stitching or bridging.

  • Belt:

A chalk bag has to have some way of being attached to the climber! Most climbers will look for a belt-style closure that can be easily clipped onto a belt or harness, eliminating any extra steps when it comes to getting ready.

  • Stiffened rims:

These special bags for climbers need to have a stiff rim around the opening in order to prevent chalk from spilling out or dirt from getting in. This is usually done through extra stitching, gluing, or heat sealing which keeps the bag closed when it counts!

What are the best chalk bags for all purposes?

GGBuy Drawstring Chalk Bag

This is a classic for a reason! Affordable, durable and holds a solid amount of chalk, this is one bag that will never let you down.

It is made of tough yet flexible polyester fabric and the exterior is lined with soft felt. The closure is extremely secure using a drawstring system that can be adjusted to suit your preferred tension. It also includes an adjustable shoulder strap as well as belt loops.

TipiChalk Bags Drawstring Chalk Bag

A simple and straightforward bag, this model features a double layer of fabric which makes it super durable and strong! The outer side will not stretch or tear easily and therefore offers outstanding hold for all types of climbers – especially boulderers! A great choice if you want quality over quantity; make sure not to sacrifice durability for the price though!

It has a zipper entry on the top for extra security and ease of use. To avoid chalk getting all over your clothes it has an interior lining made from felt. This bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap included.

Odoland Chalk Bag

If you are looking for more than just a simple chalk bag, this model might be what you need! Made out of tough but soft material, this cool item will last you long without sacrificing comfort! The double drawstring closure is ultra-strong and allows easy access to more chalk that you can shake up in its 3-inch wide mouth opening without ever spilling or caking up.

It also features two separate pockets; one front pocket that closes with Velcro and another inside mesh pocket which is ideal for holding quickdraws, carabiners and other climbing tools. It has a sturdy belt with sharp teeth and an adjustable shoulder strap with rubber padding for extra comfort when carrying it.

Black Diamond Mojo Zip Chalk Bag

This is a luxury option from a well-known manufacturer. The design is well thought out and features a double closure system which ensures the bag remains closed when you need it to!

The outer side of the bag is made from 3-layer laminate material which offers great durability, while the inside layer prevents chalk from spilling even if the bag gets turned upside down.

It has a soft rim around its opening to protect your hands during workouts and prevent dirt from getting in. It also comes with a metal carabiner for easy clipping onto a belt or harness. Although a bit pricier than other options, this one will last you for years so it might be worth every penny!

PrAna Chalk Bag

For a good quality product, you cannot go wrong with this model! It is made of tough nylon fabric and its closure system is super secure.

In terms of features, it has a stiffened rim around the opening for added durability and a drawstring adjusted by metal cord locks which ensure a perfect fit every time without slipping or spilling even more chalk.

Its belt loops are double layered to prevent tearing while being very easy to put on and remove from your waist thanks to their sharp teeth. What we have noticed is that it has plenty of room inside so if you want something bigger this would be an excellent choice! Moreover, among other chalk bags, this model also comes with a free gift; one Prana chalk ball to save you money and prevent spilling or messiness.

Sukoa Sports Chalk Bag

The design of this chalk bag is very simple but efficient. It is made of a tough fabric that will last you for years and the strap is adjustable so that it fits perfectly even on your waist or on your forearm, making chalking up easy!

The closure system consists of 2 drawstrings with metal cord lock adjusters which make it super easy to open and close. Speaking of the opening, this bag has got one large mouthpiece through which you can put plenty of chalk inside; about a 1.5-inch wide opening. It also features an internal felt lining to prevent messiness inside the bag as well as some mesh pockets for storing quickdraws separately.

Materials used for this bag are top-notch and it is a great choice for its money.

Psychi Bouldering Chalk Bag

Climbing always challenges you and your equipment and this is the same with buying a climbing chalk bag; there are tons of models out there to choose from! This one has been carefully designed and thought out for your comfort and thanks to that, it will be very easy for you to carry it around even when you have lots of other accessories attached to your harness as well.

It comes with a 2-layer belt which is adjustable so it fits well no matter what body type you have. The inside mesh pocket can hold extra quickdraws or carabiners while the sturdy metal clip makes its attachment much easier. The bottom cord closure system features a metal ring puller which makes opening super easy compared to other options on the market. It also has a rubberized nylon fabric strap; no more sore arm muscles!

Mammut Multipitch Chalk Bag

It is a great pick for those who like to climb multiple pitches in one go as it comes with a removable shoulder strap and waist belt.

This model has been rigorously tested and it is made out of durable materials which ensure the bag is not going to break or tear apart even if you place really heavy objects inside! It also features a large opening with a drawstring closure system so there's no messiness here.

Its unique shape offers plenty of room for storing things, while its small loop allows you to easily attach it to the back of your harness. The fact that this model comes at an affordable price makes it very easy for us to recommend for both beginners and experienced climbers who are looking for something reliable but cheap!

Final words

All of the chalk bags mentioned above are excellent choices and will make your bouldering or climbing experience much easier. It is important to remember that when it comes to choosing a chalk bag, you have to consider what type of climber you are and what features you need most.

Do you need a bag with a lot of storage space? Or do you prefer something lightweight that can be easily attached to your harness? Whichever model you choose, we are sure that it will help improve your performance!