11 swim bags for girls

Susan Fernandez January 01 2022

Swimming is a sport that requires having the right gear before entering the water, but that doesn't mean you have to break the bank just to get something good that will last any amount of time without needing replacement.

Things to consider when looking for a swim bag for girls


When you're selecting swim bags for girls, be sure to look at quality. You want one that is made from material that isn't going to fall apart after only a couple of uses. If it's poorly made, your daughter won't get good use out of it and will have wasted her money on something that doesn't last.

At the same time, think about how long she needs this bag to last until she is no longer using it. A cheap but sturdy option would be fine in some cases, while other parents might prefer to spend more in order to get high-quality fabric and zippers that aren't going to break down.


If your daughter is looking to have a swim bag for girls that will be easily identified by teachers or other parents, you might want to consider choosing one with bright colors and quality stitching. Decals are also an option, but they can wear off after many uses so be aware of this. The benefit of decals is that they look good from a distance whereas high-quality stitching takes more time to assess when being viewed closely.

If you're buying the bag as a surprise for her birthday, look for features that she'll enjoy such as glittery material or roomy inside pockets for pencils and other supplies. However, if you know what she likes better than she does, don't feel intimidated about buying something without any bells and whistles. It's better to get her something that she can use than get her something that will sit in the closet because you guessed wrong about what she wanted.


The size of your daughter's swim bag for girls is important. Make sure it is large enough to hold everything she needs, but not so large that it becomes bulky or heavy when full. If you're buying this before school starts, bring all of her supplies with you so you know exactly how much room she'll need during the day.

Also, try placing along with items into the bag or purse to see where they fit best or if they fit at all. This gives you a chance to test out different combinations and see just how much stuff there really is while she's at school. If you're buying the bag online, remember to check out the return policy just in case its size doesn't work out for your daughter when it arrives.


If your daughter is interested in fashion, then she may want her swim bag for girls to have a certain style or key design that sets it apart from others. Look at what other parents are selecting so you don't end up getting something that is too similar to everyone else's choices. Another option would be to choose something totally unique so she stands out from the crowd wherever she goes with it. Keep in mind that if there are lots of pockets on this bag, they will all have to match for this particular look because mixing styles won't look right.


The more pockets a swim bag for girls has, the better. There will be more room to hold pencils, markers, and other supplies which means your daughter can carry less with her when she goes to school in the morning.

Also, make sure that there are enough pockets so everything is kept separate from everything else in order to avoid scratches or breakage of contents. If you're buying online, check out what others have said about this feature in their reviews before making your purchase because it may not be as useful as you think. If things end up falling into a jumbled mess in the bag, you'll know exactly why they didn't like it despite its many features and stylish design.

Can you make a DIY swim bag?

Yes, you can make a DIY swim bag for girls. For this project, you will need such materials as paint, fabric dye, washing machine, zipper, sewing machine. Prepare the fabric you will use to make a swim bag. 

Place it in the washing machine with paint or fabric dye. The next step is to dry it using your dryer or hang it somewhere for drying. Sew the seams of the bag and add a handle on top of them. Add a zipper on top of the outside seam, fasten it by sewing all surrounding sides together. Finally, decorate your DIY swim bag as per taste and style!

Top-10 convenient swim bags for girls

This list should point you in the right direction depending on how much money you want to spend.

  • IDryBag waterproof dry swim bags

These bags are made of nylon making them completely waterproof. They are perfect for carrying wet swimsuits to school or after practice without worrying about anything inside getting damaged.

The IDryBag has a shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry around between classes too, especially if you have longer tresses because your hair won't get caught in the zipper either. This bag can be folded up and stored away easily when not needed which is great for saving space at home or for throwing into your locker so everything is ready to go on game day. It comes in several different sizes so you can purchase the one that fits her needs best whether she's an adult or child.

  • Chums Surf Pop Surf bag

This swim bag for girls is perfect for any girl who loves swimming. It has a fun and colorful design with built-in sunscreen to protect your skin and the water-resistant material will keep everything dry even if it is raining unexpectedly outside.

There's an adjustable strap so you can carry it over one shoulder or around your waist for hands-free carrying which comes in handy since there is no bulky hardware on this bag, making it comfortable throughout the day. While the inside of this swim bag isn't exactly lined, it does have a gap between its two layers which provides enough protection from moisture that gets in when wet suits are stored inside with regularity.

  • May Tree heavy duty mesh backpack

This heavy duty mesh backpack is perfect for girls who are constantly on the go. It has two side pockets that are ideal for holding water bottles or suntan lotion, an outside pocket that can be used to store your wallet and keys, and a large main compartment that should easily fit all of her gear and then some.

This bag comes with a strap that you can attach around the locker handle so it's easier to carry from class to class without worrying about dropping it along the way. It also has two zippers so you never have to worry about the top snapping shut on you as you walk, even if it gets caught on something as flimsy as hair or clothing.

  • TYR Uglies drawstring swim duffel bag

This bag is perfect for holding several swimsuits and a few extra towels as well. It's made of a waterproof material that's resistant to tears, rips, fading from chlorine or saltwater exposure, mildew from being stored wet after practice or a swim meet, pool chemicals, and suntan lotion stains.

The fabric is also flame retardant so it won't burn up if you leave it sitting near the hot tub all day. It contains a drawstring closure on top with two rings attached to it which can be used to hang this bag on locker handles high above the ground where everyone can see your team colors even when you're not around.

  • Swimstick Sports mesh backpack

This mesh backpack by Swimstick has a breathable mesh design with a drawstring closure on top. It's perfect for holding your gear and anything else she might need for practice or a swim meet, including her wallet, phone, sunscreen, car keys, and even snacks.

The shoulder straps are adjustable so they can be adjusted to fit her perfectly while having a slimming effect on anyone who is self-conscious about how their backside looks in their swimsuit. There's also enough room in the main compartment of this bag to fit her hairdryer along with some other toiletries if she prefers not to lug them around separately from everything else.

  • SDI sport GYM mesh roll

Another mesh option for you to consider is this one that can be used by both kids and adults alike. It has a drawstring closure with adjustable shoulder straps just like the Swimstick bag above. The front pocket is perfect for holding your wallet, phone, or other small items you want to separate from everything else in your swim bag while still being able to access quickly when needed.

There are two mesh side pockets on each end of the bag which are great for storing water bottles or suntan lotion within reach during practice or a meet without having to carry them around in your hands.

  • TYR 3D spandex swim duffel bag

This swim duffel has a design that's similar to the previous ones listed here, with the drawstring closure, mesh side pockets, and adjustable shoulder straps. Its main pocket is zippered so you don't have to worry about your stuff falling out while you're walking or it gets left behind when someone takes off without warning.

The bag even has a small pocket within that large one that can fit things like hair accessories, caps, goggles, and other small items you want to keep separate from the rest of your things.

  • Adoretex quick dry mesh bag

Girls who have a lot of hair accessories and hair ties will find this Adoretex bag useful. It has a drawstring closure with an adjustable shoulder strap so it can be worn on your back or carried by hand without any trouble.

The main compartment is large enough to fit all of her swim gear in, along with her towel(s) for drying off after practice or a meet, and still have room left over for everything else she might need throughout the day. There are two mesh side pockets that will easily fit a water bottle or sunscreen each, and there's even a small zippered pocket that can be used to keep your keys separate from everything else when needed.

  • Athletico swim backpack

This is the only backpack on the list with a dedicated spot for everything she needs to take to or from practice. There are separate pouches for her bathing suit, swimsuit cover-up, goggles, and swim cap. This item also has two mesh side pockets that will fit water bottles perfectly without them falling out if they're not zipped up completely. The main compartment can fit several towels depending on how thick they are, as well as your wallet, keys, sunscreen, and other things you may need throughout the day.

  • SwimRVA adjustable roll bag

This last option is perfect for carrying all of your gear in one roll bag by SwimRVA which can be adjusted according to how much there is inside instead of having to purchase a larger or smaller roll bag depending on how much you need to carry. The material is highly resistant to wear and tear, even when used often, which means this bag will last a long time no matter how much you use it. It also has adjustable shoulder straps so it can be carried as a backpack or as a longer duffel over the shoulder as needed for whatever reason.

  • Gonex swim bag

The Gonex option is a very budget-friendly choice for those of you who will only be using it once in a while, perhaps to take your gear to the pool during summer vacation or on family trips.

It has an adjustable shoulder strap so you can carry it as a backpack if there's more than one person going with you to your destination and need to split up the load. The main compartment will fit two swimsuits plus all the other necessities inside, while the mesh side pockets have enough room for a water bottle or sunscreen each.

This list should give swim parents plenty of great ideas when they're looking into buying something that their swimmers (or themselves) will like and get plenty of use out of before needing to replace it with a new bag.