11 convenient iPad cases with shoulder strap

Susan Fernandez January 01 2022

Different types of iPad cases

There are a couple of different types of cases for the iPad: protective cases and shoulder-strap carrying cases. Each type has its own positives and negatives, so it's really a matter of preference which one you choose.

Protective case types

  1. Snap-on case - The snap-on style makes the iPad very easy to slip in and out, but this ease usually sacrifices protection from falls because there is no securing latch on these models. However, they are considerably less expensive than other options. Also, many come with a built-in stand that allows viewing in landscape or portrait orientation at a comfortable angle.
  2. Full case - This often has a hard exterior shell to protect against minor drops and scuffs while providing full coverage around the iPad. It also sometimes includes a screen protector to prevent scratches. It is typically bulky and heavy, making it difficult to stick in a bag when on the go.
  3. Book-style case - This type of case resembles a small hardback book with the cover completely folding over onto the back when not in use. Opening the cover enables tablet mode with the display facing away from the keyboard for easy touch-screen usage.
  4. Folio style - This is a protective case that folds into an upright stand with smart cover technology that turns on or off your iPad when opened or shut. The folio-style can be advantageous because they provide protection from all sides while always staying thin and lightweight, but this sometimes comes at a higher price.

Shoulder-strap carrying case types

  1. Messenger-style - This type of shoulder strap is typically made from a thick nylon webbing and may stretch if pulled. It is designed to be draped over one shoulder like a messenger bag, leaving both hands free to use the touchscreen while transporting the iPad.
  2. Backpack style - Similar to the messenger style, this model also hangs across one shoulder and stretches to accommodate various sizes and weights of iPads. The main difference between this and the messenger-style cases is that it straps across your chest for carrying instead of stretching across your body. This can be beneficial because it distributes weight which lightens pressure on your shoulders. However, their bulkiness often makes them uncomfortable after extended use.
  3. Sling style - This type of design encases the iPad in a protective compartment and straps onto your forearm like a traditional sling bag. With this, you can access your iPad without removing the strap, but it is awkward to switch from portrait to landscape orientation because you have to twist your arm around to interact with the touchscreen. If you are looking for something easy-to-use but lacking protection against major falls, this may be a good choice for you.

What material to choose?

People who prefer carrying their iPad around in a bag might be wondering what the best material is to choose. If you want something that's easy to maintain, PU leather can be a great choice because it doesn't get dirty easily and is very durable. However, this material isn't waterproof so avoid using it in rainy weather or if you plan on taking your tablet outside often.

If durability is more important than ease of cleaning then canvas fabric could be the way to go for shoulder stands because it's much sturdier than regular cotton while still being lightweight enough for convenient carrying around. The only downside here is that canvas sometimes attracts dust particles, especially when used outdoors, so keep an eye out for markings on your device when moving from one location to another.


There are basically two main sizes for shoulder bags, with the biggest option being large enough to carry tablets up to 11 inches in size while smaller versions can hold devices that are 10 inches or less. The outer pockets of most tablet cases are slightly smaller than the interior compartment, of course, usually about half an inch smaller all around, so keep this in mind if you want to store items such as power chargers inside them.

The thickness of tablets varies greatly between models so check your device's specific dimensions before buying a case because some might be too tight for your device and difficult to take out again once they're inside. Most iPad Pro models will work with larger cases but older versions or other types of tablets could be too large for smaller cases and difficult to fit inside.

If you want a bag where you can carry your iPad, smartphone, keys, credit cards, cash, and more without worrying about security then consider buying one of the models on this list because they have pouches for carrying everything conveniently.

Do I need a shoulder strap?

Shoulder bags are probably not what you usually picture when thinking about tablet cases but they're great options to consider if you want something that's easy to carry around with you all day long. Most models come with adjustable shoulder straps that allow users to turn them into hands-free bags so they're perfect for walking around while carrying tablets comfortably at chest level.

What should you consider?

  • Protection: Some users want to protect their iPad as much as possible. These cases often come with a screen protector that prevents scratches and smudges on the screen. There is also room for business cards, credit cards, and identification in these models.
  • Mounting Options: Users who travel frequently might need a sturdy case that can attach to a car seat or be used as a stand while watching movies or playing games. Other options include mounting cases to shopping carts so hands stay free during grocery shopping trips and attaching cases to strollers. 
  • Business Use: Certain types of iPad users should purchase different cases than those looking for general use options because professionals need protection from damage caused by drops and knocks, plus easy functionality when opening and closing the case. Also, professionals need convenient storage for business cards, credit cards, and identification while traveling.
  • Fashion: Attractive colors and design are important factors in some cases because users want their cases to reflect their personal style. This is the type of purchase that users make based on how they feel about a specific case rather than its functionality or protection abilities.

11 Cases with shoulder strap

The JIMMYCASE features two types of molded shells - one hard shell for everyday use and another thicker shell for heavy-duty workdays. The tablet slides into the first shell when not used often or during travel through airports or other crowded areas where it might get damaged more easily. Then, it slides into the second shell when dropped at dangerous angles or when the user needs extra protection to keep it safe.

The SHARKK FitBag Case can be worn over the shoulder with its adjustable strap because it is long enough to fit all torso sizes comfortably. The case has molded handles that are covered with soft neoprene material and a protective flap for covering the screen when not in use, which prevents damage and improves security. This waterproof case can float in water and comes in six different color combinations.

The BUILT NY Metro iPad Sleeve might look like a simple model at first glance because of its sleek design, but users will appreciate functional features such as internal elastics for holding devices securely in place and an exterior compartment on one side for accessories such as earphones, pens, and earplugs. The sleeve is available in black, orange, and navy colors.

The Padded Sleeve by XR Brands can be worn as a backpack for hands-free convenience during travel or as a shoulder bag because it features two straps for easy carrying. Users also have the option of adding a sternum strap to make it even more secure around the chest area, which is perfect for running through crowded areas without fear of dropping devices. This model comes in three different sizes with adjustable dividers inside that keep all types of iPads from the first generation to the fourth generation safe from bumps and bruises while traveling.

Cellular360 Shockproof case for iPad Pro 12.9 features a hand strap for users who might want to hold the case with one hand when working or reading. Other convenient features include an adjustable stand that can be used in landscape or portrait modes and a closing strap that holds devices securely inside until they are needed.

The RokForm Rugged Case is suitable for outdoor use because it has drop-proof protection up to 6 feet. Users can also customize their cases by adding accessories like car mounts, bike mounts, and belt clips, depending on which type of activity they want to get involved in while using devices. The case comes in ten different color combinations, giving users plenty of options for matching device style to personal tastes.

FYY New Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Case has a handle on the back so users can carry it around easily by hand, plus a stand function for propping up devices during use. Available colors include blue and gray to match personal tastes and preferences.

The Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Sleeve is made of 100% genuine leather and is designed to make carrying tablets as convenient as possible because users will never have to search for accessories like power chargers or earphones again. The case fits all tablets from first-generation iPads up to iPad Pro models and features storage compartments on both sides that hold items such as credit cards, IDs, and money securely in place.

Inateck tablet case shoulder bag is made of water-resistant nylon and can be used to carry tablets up to 11 inches in size. Users simply slip devices into the soft inner silicone protection case, then slide them into place inside the main compartment using the adjustable velcro strap for secure carrying. There are also mesh pockets on both sides of the case where items such as power chargers or earphones can be stored securely while traveling.

USA gear tablet bag with shoulder strap can also be used for carrying laptops up to 15 inches in size. The bag has a large main compartment with adjustable velcro dividers and straps for securing devices, plus an additional small front pocket where users can keep items such as power chargers or earphones handy while traveling.

Tomtoc 11 inch tablet sleeve bag features a large main compartment with an interior pocket for holding a power bank or other accessories, as well as a front zippered pocket for quick access items such as earphones. The case also comes with a handle on top so it can be carried around easily by hand and is available in black and blue colors.

Good to know

  • Carry devices securely everywhere without worrying about breakage thanks to durable materials that protect from falls up to six feet high.
  • Keep credit cards, IDs, and money protected from theft because cases have secure closures that keep everything inside until users are ready to take them out again.
  • Cases fit all types of tablets from first-generation models up to iPad Pro versions and feature design elements like removable straps for carrying or stand functions for viewing.
  • Cases feature storage compartments on the side or back where users can store power chargers, earphones, and other accessories safely while traveling.
  • Ensure devices are always within reach because cases have handles that make carrying them around as easy as possible. 

Final words

iPad cases with shoulder straps let users carry around tablets securely and conveniently. Cases are made from durable materials that provide protection from falls up to six feet high, plus come with features like handles or stand functions for viewing. Accessories such as storage pockets on the side or back make carrying items such as power chargers, earphones, and IDs simple while traveling.

Tablet shoulder bags fit all iPad models from the first generation to the fourth generation plus most tablets up to 11 inches large, making them suitable for carrying anywhere from recreational areas to outdoor adventures.