11 best dry bags for kayaking

Susan Fernandez February 02 2022

Why do you need dry bags for kayaking?

Dry bags are used to keep your belongings dry. Dry bags for kayaking come in a range of sizes, including small ones that can be attached to the side of your kayak, larger ones that will fit inside the hull of your kayaking vessel, and even smaller ones designed specifically for cameras.

Dry bags are great for keeping cameras safe from moisture while making it easy to take photos. Dry bags make perfect gifts for people who like to spend their time on or near water (or those who plan to).

Get the right bag

If you're looking for dry bags make sure you get one with excellent construction and an air-tight seal. The last thing you want is water into your bag - ruining whatever you've packed. Dry bags come in a range of sizes, so depending on how much space you have in your kayak you might want to go for a big bag or smaller ones that can all be attached to the boat via carabiners.

Since dry bags are designed to keep water out it's important that they can't let any in as well. Dry bags for kayaking should fit inside your vessel or attach externally using an air-tight seal and sturdy materials like rubber - not plastic (which is porous). Dry bags also need to be easy to carry (or wear) since gear gets tired after a while. A lightweight dry sack with roll top closure will be a nice option for any travel. You will be able to use it instead of sleeping bags because any dry bag is made of good and qualitative materials.

A convenient option for any traveler will be a waterproof phone case to be sure your phone is okay. Moreover, one may opt between a removable shoulder strap or a single adjustable shoulder strap for the dry bag in order to fit your site properly. You have to remember about shoulder straps as they are a very important feature while buying a dry bag.

How to use dry bags for kayaking?

In certain cases, you may need to learn how to properly seal your dry bags in order for the seal to remain intact. When utilizing roll-off-and-buckle-up methods with dry bags, you must roll the top three times before fastening the bag securely. Do I have enough room for four rolls? More rolls = a greater chance that your items will go moldy if they aren't dried out.

If you're using an open-top dry bag that is watertight, make sure it's zipped uptight. You may also check whether there is air inside the bag by inserting your hand inside it and closing your fist tightly over one of the corners of the mouth (where there isn't any fabric).

What size dry bag do I need?

The most popular dry bags are the Lightweight Large Capacity Dry Bags. Because they are so flexible, these dry bags range from small day packs to huge bags with a capacity of up to 80 liters! Kayaking-size dry bags can weigh between 20 and 30 pounds. It looks very soft for such a little thing; it has no effect at all on anything substantial. On a boat, a lot more cannot fit in fewer rooms due to their size.

TOP-11 best dry bags for kayaking

HEETA Waterproof Dry Bag

This highly regarded waterproof dry bag is readily accessible and re-usable. Adjustable shoulder straps allow you to carry the bag in a backpack. Aside from this, the bag is an extremely pleasant carrying device. The bag has various uses and is suited for a wide range of aquatic activities. They may be used to kayak since they can become transparent and let you view your equipment when needed.

The bag has enough capacity that you can gather everything without having to dig too hard. The smartphone may be used to read your message in the water. These drying bags are made of 6.6 mm thick PVC, so they don't get heavy and keep your equipment dry.

Unigear Dry Bag

The 5-in-1 Unigerar kayaking dry bag comes in 2 L to 40 L sizes, making it suitable for a wide range of uses. The same strap and adjustable shoulder strap are included in the 2 x 20-liter bags. It can be easily carried over the shoulder and under the chest. It's ideal for transporting a paddleboard or sitting beneath a kayak while camping. This rucksack is 30 liters padded with backpack straps and features a 30-liter capacity.

The 40-liter luggage has cushioned straps with padded shoulder or chest straps for a secure fit. This set is ideal for travels on the beach or excursions around town. There's no need to worry about it getting stuck underwater since it floats and gets caught under the water from time to time, so no worries there.

OMGear Waterproof Dry Bag

The OMGear features a lot of variety for each product, with sizes ranging from 5 L to 40 L. Several different sizes have been developed, and some intriguing designs have emerged. The smaller bags include the appropriate straps for carrying the case around. This bag weighs 40 pounds and has adjustable shoulder straps to make carrying it easier.

It's a simple choice to have your luggage available when going on an adventure. Almost every bag is portable, whether it's carried in a handbag or backpack. This bag floats because it's an inflatable waterproof dry bag with a hook for attaching it to an anchor. It's possible that your belongings will go under the boat, but don't worry because they're floating.

Earth Pak - Waterproof Dry Bag

The original Earth Pak has a great waterproof backpack for kayaking. It has adjustable shoulders and a one-piece strap length of 10 - 55. It can be worn on your shoulders and across your chest, as well as around your feet. This bag may be carried at your side or over your head. If you have a kayak, this bag may also be used to store SUP or sit beneath it on a kayak.

Then you may personalize it however you like. You may also take this bag with you when leaving the ship to explore. It's a massive 30X55. They can carry many more gears and have padded straps to protect them. All of these features assist in reducing weight while also spreading it out evenly across your body.

Piscifun Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

A brand-new waterproof backpack from Outdoor Research is available, and it comes with a bunch of features that will keep all of your gear dry when you're in the water. The main compartment was primarily used for storing items that you didn't need to worry about while they were getting wet. It's the dry bag.

We stated right away that everything gets moist. Please join me on this journey. These pouches are fantastic at keeping maps organized. A drawstring mechanism may also be found in the outer pocket. For excursions camping with larger objects like jackets, pillows, and blankets, this backpack is ideal.

SealLine Boundary Sack

The waterproof Boundary Saddle from Sealedine is a serious waterproof kayak dry bag that's ready to go on excursions. This bag comes in three sizes: 35, 55, and 100 liters and can be used by all kayaks and canoes. In comparison with traditional rolling bags, this cylindrical bag has a distinct purpose.

The top of the range is made of super-thick 100D polyester with bonded seams, as well as 100 D vinyl-coated polyester tops. The equipment is also protected from moisture and dust by the breathable fabric and protective coverings on the dry sealed and solid lip.

Outdoor Research AirPurge

If you're searching for a lightweight dry bag for kayaks, AirPurge by Outdoor Research is the way to go. Compression bags with roll tops made of strong and durable 70D nylon are available in capacities ranging from 15 to 35 liters.

It also has completely sealed seams with hydrosealings and thermally conductive urethane coatings, which prevent water from entering the water tank. Its lightweight fabric will surely withstand every test of spraying and dunking. In addition, it comes in a variety of other designs.

Adventure Lion Dry Bag

When picking the colors of your waterproof kayaking drybag, consider the Adventure Lion Dry Bag. It's also available in a variety of hues and sizes, which is very appealing. The Y7 500 d waterproof and heavy polyurethane has breathable qualities, as well as a folding layer that secures it. It has an adjustable bag with the capacity to accommodate almost anything from your handbag to your purse. Its lifetime guarantee makes using it simply, and it is intended for long-term usage.

Sea to Summit Ultra-SIL Dry Sack

The Sea to Summit Drysack is extremely light and compact. These bags keep you dry. The waterproof bag is closed using tape with double stitching seams. For a more detailed explanation of this product, click here. The Drysack comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 1 to 35 pounds.

Extra clothing can be carried in the larger luggage. It's simple to remove layers and put them into an empty bag. It might rain at dawn and be chilly at night, or it may be warm at night

Marchway Floating Waterproof Dry Bag

The Targus dry bag is made of lightweight, waterproof fabric. It consists of 400-700 denier tarps and is intended for dry storage on large waterways. Sizes range from five to 40 liters with a variety of bright hues available. Roll the bag several times before fastening the belt with its buckle to finish it off. Removable straps make it simple to store the smaller sizes, while the larger sizes only have one strap and can only store backpacks at 40 liters capacity.

Freegrace Waterproof Dry Bags (Set Of 3)

Set 1 includes a dry bag, waterproof pants, and waterproof phones. This robust bag comes in several sizes ranging from 5 to 35 liters, with the phone case and pouch included. The dry bags have double strip closures that resemble Ziploc bags; sealing is intended to keep moisture out even if the bags are submerged in water and does not include roll tops. These items aren't as trustworthy or long-lasting as other drybags, though.

How long do dry bags for kayaking last?

According to the manufacturers of these bags, they can usually be used for three seasons. Depending on the brand and how well you care for it, you may expect at least three seasons of usage. Higher-grade drying bags can last up to ten years if properly cared for. Wear and tear on equipment is unavoidable, therefore we do not suggest replacing dry bags as often as required.

PVC Patch kits, drybag-specific repair kits, and Aquaseale may all be used to mend dry bags. They are typically bought from companies that specialize in dry bag add-ons. Warranty services are available from several Dry Bag makers as well. Companies may charge for the repair, although it is more expensive than purchasing a new bag.


Is the dry bag waterproof?

It is water-resistant by nature. This implies you'll have a better chance of preserving your valuables dry if your bag becomes trapped in the event of a water accident. They're great for kayaking, fishing, and short beach holidays.

Some bag producers advise against submerging bags for lengthy periods, however, most can handle short immersions without issue. So long as it's properly closed, there should be no water within it. The most frequent type of rollover closure is secured with buckles; other designs include an extra seal and a seal to prevent rollover failure.

How to clean a dry bag?

How do you clean a dry bag? It's easier than you might think. A biocompatible soap like the Bronner's can be used to clean dirt or grease from the surface. You may easily sweep any corner of the bag by flipping it inside-out for cleaning. The dirt should be scrubbed away using a firm brush. If sand builds up on your zip-dry bags, they will leak in the seal over time. To keep zippers fresh, apply 303 rubber sealants on a regular basis.

Can you use a dry bag as a bear bag?

Are there any dry bags that smell wonderful? Is this statement true or false? Dry bags are not scent-proof and are not appropriate for bears. They're light to transport but waterproof, so backpackers prefer to carry them in dry bags rather than non-waterproof food. The food may stay protected in the rain.

Aside from that, rodents and rats are more difficult to get through the surface of a dry bag than mesh or cloth sacks. This is why a dry bag is perfect for transporting bear bags. Moreover, sleeping bags are bulkier and can take up more space. Dry bags are lightweight, waterproof, and surprisingly roomy when empty.

Any earth pak bag comes in various sizes and can hold up to 100 lbs. This type of dry bag is made from welded PVC vinyl with air-tight double seal closure and a leak-proof roll top, and they're designed to keep contents dry while kayaking and paddling trips. Kayaking dry bags for kayaking also come in clear vinyl so you can see whether the contents are still dry.

Dry bags for kayaking can also be used to organize your gear, clothes, food or other stuff while camping. A kayaking stuff sack is great for boating, kayaking, rafting trips, motorcycle touring, and canoeing - all of which are likely to get wet.

How do you keep the gear dry in a kayak?

A dry bag is a waterproof fabric bag containing the necessities for at least one night. A dried food bag is an excellent way to keep a kayak safe. Even if the kayak has its own built-in storage, a dry bag will protect it from getting stolen before it enters the baggage compartment. That is why you don`t need to worry about wet clothes on a rainy morning - a waterproof bag will deal with it easily. Nylon dry bags will be a proper option for you to keep your gear dry.

Also, if you want your essentials dry during the overnight trip, it's a good idea to put them inside your dry bag. A quality dry bag for kayaking allows you to unzip and remove their contents quickly, so you'll be able to use the rest of the bag for non-essentials such as camp food.

Does a dry bag float?

They can be floated in a similar way to some other bags, and they are also buoyant. The closing procedure traps water and oxygen inside the bag. This bag stays on the surface if the ship capsizes, allowing for rapid recoveries. These bags may be attached to the boat and are critical for keeping the bags from being dragged away by water during a capsize.

A floating dry bag will not sink. Dry bags come in different shapes and sizes to suit your needs, such as a smaller high-density bag for cameras and light objects. They might be attached to the deck of kayaks with clips or bungee cords, depending on size and shape. Make sure that they are always buoyant when you pack them. That is the reason for you to choose a floating dry bag for your paddling trips.

Final words

Dry bags for kayaking are an essential tool to have on hand when you're out in the water. A dry bag can be used as a preventative measure against accidental spills and help your valuables stay dry even if the bag becomes submerged. Any dry bag-specific repair kits, Aquaseale, PVC Patch kits, and warranty services may all be necessary with time so that you don't spend more money than needed.

A dry bag provides protection from rodents or bears by keeping food protected inside of them rather than mesh sacks which they can chew through easily. Dry bags for kayaking have also many additional but quite crucial options like roll top closure, double shoulder straps/compression straps/padded shoulder straps, waterproof material available to keep your gear dry.

With all those options for a waterproof bag, you don`t need to worry about the wet gear during the overnight trip.