11 best crossbody bags for iPad

Susan Fernandez January 01 2022

There are a lot of bags for iPads out there, but most of them are not crossbody bags.

A crossbody bag is a convenience if you carry your iPad everywhere with you. When walking on the street it can be more convenient to keep your hands free rather than carrying the traditional messenger bag on one shoulder or in your hand all the time. You don't want to drop your iPad, and this type of bag will help prevent that from happening.

Generally, there are such types of bags for iPad:

  • iPad pockets (sleeves): sleeves are very small bags with no shoulder strap.  They don't protect your iPad at all, but they can be very useful when you don't use your bag every day - the sleeves take not much space in your bag.
  • messenger bags: these types of bags are very convenient because they have many pockets inside and outside to store stuff. They usually have a long strap so it doesn't matter which side is up while you carry them on your shoulder. The most important disadvantage of these types is that they usually require both hands to open - one hand to hold the buckle in the belt loop and another hand to pull out the iPad from this bag.
  • iPad mini bags: some bags are designed for iPad mini and they can't fit regular size iPads.
  • crossbody bags: most of the bags today are made to be carried crossbody. It is more convenient than a shoulder bag because you can just sling it around your body and grab/put away your bag with only one hand. Sometimes these types of bags have pockets that can hold your iPhone, wallet, keys, etc... but sometimes not. The main disadvantage of this bag type is its weight - they usually have metal buckles and hardware so they tend to be very heavy even when empty.

What do we advise?

These 10 best crossbody bags for iPad below come in many different styles and colors so everyone will find something interesting for themselves based on their taste and needs:

Travelon crossbody bag for iPad

Travelon is a 100% nylon bag with durable canvas lining and metal hardware. It is water-resistant so it can protect your iPad from light rain or spilled drinks. This bag has multiple pockets on the outside, plus one zipped pocket where you can store your keys or passport for example.

There's also a large back pocket which will fit an iPad, but also some notebooks. But Travelon is not just about storage - there are shoulder strap rings on both sides of the bag so you can carry it crossbody if you want to (strap length is adjustable).

The sizes will suit all regular size iPads.

Loungefly crossbody bag for iPad

Loungefly has many different types of bags, but this one is just great if you want to carry your iPad everywhere with you - it's large enough to fit all regular size iPads. It is made of faux-suede fabric and cotton canvas lining which makes it durable and easy to clean if needed.

There are no pockets on the outside so it doesn't matter which side up you carry it on your shoulder or crossbody (strap length can be adjusted). There are no metal hardware details either which means that there won't be any noise while you walk around.

Materials for this iPad bag are not the best quality out there, but it is also very affordable.

Tomtoc crossbody bag for mini iPads

This bag is smaller than regular crossbody bags so it won't fit regular size iPads, but if you have an iPad mini or any other similar-sized tablet Tomtoc is just what you need. It is made of water and abrasion-resistant nylon fabric and has a special lining that will protect your device from shocks and scratches.

The bag comes with a few pockets on the outside - two zippered pockets where you can store some cables or chargers, plus 2 additional open pockets to store smaller items like phones for example. There are also 2 large open pockets inside which means you'll have plenty of storage space even if there's no need to carry much stuff with you all the time.

This small cross-body bag for iPad mini fits the tablet perfectly because it has been designed specifically for it.

Caris crossbody bag for iPad mini or full-size iPads

This is one of the most popular crossbody bags for regular-size iPads with many satisfied users. It's made of water and abrasion-resistant nylon with a soft brushed tricot lining, which means it will protect your device from scratches and shocks when you carry it with you inside this bag.

There are two main pockets in this bag that can be opened by a front flap (which also has small magnetic closure). There's also a large back pocket where you can store some papers or maybe even an iPad in case you're going to work on the go sometimes. The shoulder strap is adjustable and removable so you can use only the top handle when you need to carry it like a handbag for example.

This sleek and modern-looking bag is perfect if you want to buy one that looks nice but also offers some special features.

OGIO crossbody bag for iPad Mini

This is one more bag for a mini iPad, but the difference is it's made of pure leather (inside and outside) which means it will look stylish even if you carry it for years. It has one large pocket on the front flap, another smaller one inside plus slots for business cards or credit cards.

There are 2 main pockets that can be opened with a YKK Excella zipper (1 mesh pocket on each side). Also, there are metal rings for attaching a short strap to carry like a handbag when you don't need to attach the shoulder strap. The dimensions of this bag are 9'' x 7'' so it will fit all regular iPad minis as well as other tablets or readers in case you want to use it instead of your usual purse or handbag.

The materials used for this bag are very good quality, which makes it look expensive but still affordable.

Leathario crossbody bags for iPad

This brand is famous for its stylish and super functional bags which look like never go out of fashion. Leathario has many different types, but if you're looking for a crossbody bag that can fit an iPad this one is just perfect. It comes in various colors and it's made of 100% genuine cow leather so it will also last for years to come. There are two main pockets on the front flap cover where you can store your tablet or e-reader (there's also a mesh pocket inside if needed). Also, there are 2 other smaller open pockets here - one on each side.

The shoulder strap is adjustable and removable which makes this a versatile bag that you can use every day no matter if you need extra storage space. This stylish black leather iPad mini bag is perfect for those of you who want to use the same purse every day no matter what outfit they're wearing.

Melissa crossbody bags for iPad or e-reader

This one is a bit similar to Caris which means it has lots of pockets and storage space, but this one comes with a removable and adjustable shoulder strap so it can be used as a crossbody bag as well as on your shoulder (when the strap is first on your shoulder).

It's made of durable soft cowhide leather and fabric and has two main pockets on the front cover which you can open using YKK Excella zippers. There are also 2 inner pockets where you can store some stuff for easy access, plus a large back pocket that can be used for storing papers or maybe even a small laptop. Sure, there are also metal rings for attaching a short strap to use it as a handbag when you feel like it.

The size of this bag is 9'' x 7'', so it will fit a regular and mini iPad and other tablets and e-readers (even thick ones like Nook HD+).

Rustic town crossbody bags for iPad Mini

This is a very stylish and versatile bag, so you can use it as a crossbody or handbag whenever you need it. The material used for this bag is vegan leather but still durable and long-lasting.

The strap is adjustable from 22' to 36', so it's a good idea to use if you're a tall woman (or man) who wants a bag that will fit them just well. There are two main pockets here that have magnetic closure - one on each side of the front cover that opens sideways. There are also other handy slots where you can store cards or some cash, plus a slot under the flap cover where you can keep your keys safe. It has dimensions 9'' x 5'' x 1'', which means it'll fit a regular and mini iPad, not the weight.

This one is a bit different but still very functional and stylish. It's made of high-quality 100% genuine leather, so it has a nice soft feel to it yet is durable enough for everyday use. There are two main pockets here - on the front cover where you can put your tablet or other devices (like Kindle) and under this pocket, there are slots for cards or cash. Also, there's another inner pocket that has a zipper closure where you can keep your keys or other important stuff safe while traveling or just heading to work.

The shoulder strap is removable which means you have lots of ways to carry this bag around depending on what activities you're doing today.

ALYSSA crossbody bag

This is a very sophisticated-looking iPad mini bag that it's still affordable. It has one main pocket on the front cover where you can put your tablet or e-reader (and there are two mesh pockets inside in case you need them) and this pocket is closed using YKK Excella zippers. Underneath the flap cover, there are three compartments - one for keeping documents, another for keeping cards/cash, plus a larger back compartment where you can keep your keys or small stuff.

The strap of this bag is adjustable up to 25'', so it's perfect if both tall and short women want to use it as a crossbody purse when they're out shopping or just hanging around town. If you feel like taking off the shoulder strap just attach it to the D rings on both sides and you can use this purse as a clutch bag in your hands. The size of this bag is 8'' x 6''.

Dadanism crossbody bag

The last one in this list is this amazing iPad bag that comes with a top handle as well, so you can carry it in your hand or over the shoulder if you don't feel like using the strap. Of course, there are also two straps for carrying this purse as a crossbody bag whenever you want. The material used for this bag is genuine cowhide leather, so the quality is almost unmatched plus it has modern look to it.

The front pocket where you put your tablet/e-reader (or any other device) closes using YKK Excella zippers and there's another mesh pocket inside (in case you need extra storage space). This means that all your gadgets will be perfectly safe inside of this purse. There are also three small pockets where you can keep your cards, plus one large pocket for cash or other things.

The size of this bag is 9'' x 6'', so it will fit a regular and mini iPad (for instance), not weight or thickness.

Final words

With all these 11 crossbody bags on the list, you should be able to find one that suits your needs perfectly well. Of course, you can also use them as handbags if you're feeling like taking off the shoulder strap or simply attaching it to the D rings when heading out for some shopping spree with friends.

All of these are made of high-quality materials and specially designed for women who want to carry their e-readers/tablets along but don't want to look like walking around with some huge backpack.