10 tackle boxes for kayak fishing

Susan Fernandez February 02 2022

What is a tackle box?

A tackle box is a storage container used for holding fishing baits and gear. Tackle boxes are usually made from metal or plastic, although wood also can be used as a material. Most use some kind of latch system to keep the lid closed tightly.

How do I choose what size?

The best way is to measure the dimensions of your specific kayak. There are three different types of box sizes: Small (mostly for trout fishing), medium (will fit two large spinning reels) and often has an area in which you can store a small net), and Large (for saltwater or larger fish).

An additional tray is useful for hooks, lures, weights, and other small items that need to be organized. Consider the best place to attach the box. Most of them are set up with either bungee cords or clips so they can be hung on the side of your kayak for easy access.

What should I look for?

  • Make sure all hinges are sturdy enough to last over time
  • Latches need to be strong enough that they will not break
  • Check for any loose rivets or screws that may fall out over time

What are the benefits of owning one?

  • saves money, no need to buy tackle boxes anymore, you can use this for life!
  • easy to access your items, especially when you're on the water and need it right away.
  • can store additional equipment like first aid kits and sunscreen.

TOP-10 tackle boxes for kayak fishing

Wakeman Outdoors Fishing Tackle Box

This is a high-quality and reasonably priced box that has a lot of room for even the largest fishing kayaks. The top tray is removable which makes it very convenient to store larger items like pliers, sunscreen, and other things you might need easy access to while on the water.


  • it is made of water-resistant material
  • comes with a removable top tray for more space


  • it is a bit heavy
  • the size of the box might be too large for some kayaks

On The Go Fishing Tackle Box by Bass Pro Shops

This box has three different sizes it comes in. They are medium, large, and extra-large. This tackle box has many benefits, take a look below!


  • available in 3 different sizes, making sure there's one to fit any size kayak or boat you have!
  • lots of space to store all your important items like fishing lures bait etc. without worrying about them falling out!


  • it is made of thin material and might break on first use. Also, it might be too small for some kayaks.

Berkley Quick Release System Tackle Box

This is a great and affordable box that uses a quick-release system, it has adjustable dividers and allows you to add and remove compartments as needed. It also has soft-grip handles that snap together when the box is not in use.


  • comes with removable trays for more space
  • has 2 large compartments, 1 medium compartment, and 5 small compartments perfect for storing lures and other necessary items when fishing!  


  • some customers reported latches breaking off over time so be careful! It was designed poorly when it comes to this part of the box.

Okuma Fishing Nomad Tackle Roller System

This is a great and high-quality tackle box that is perfect for kayak fishing! It's made of heavy-duty plastic with stainless steel latches. This also comes with a lifetime warranty, so if any issues come up you can easily exchange it for another one.


  • comes with four trays and wheels which make moving the tacklebox extremely easy


  • it is on the pricier side but definitely worth it since it has a lifetime warranty! However, some customers reported receiving boxes that were either broken or had missing parts when they first opened them and tried to use them.

Plano 7771-01 Guide Series Tackle System

One more brand that makes great and high-quality tackle boxes is Plano. They have a lot of different options when it comes to choosing one. However, this is an excellent choice because it's very sturdy and durable! It also has removable trays for extra space if needed.


  • comes in 4 different sizes making sure there's the perfect size for you!


  • it might be too heavy for some kayaks that do not have much weight capacity..

Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Bag

If you are looking for an affordable option, this is definitely one to consider! It is very lightweight and compact, making it great for kayak fishing. This box is made of nylon material which makes it extremely waterproof and resistant against tears or rips.


  • lots of space to store all your lures and other items like sunscreen without any worries that they might fall out or get damaged by water if the tackle bag gets soaked!


  • it's not officially a tackle box so some customers were surprised when they received it since there was no top compartment where you could store smaller things inside.    

Okeechobee Fats Fisherman Deluxe Tackle Bag

For those who are looking for a tackle bag to use, look no further! This is an excellent choice because it has lots of pockets and room to store all the important items you need while out on the water. It also comes with adjustable shoulder straps so you can carry it around as needed without any discomfort or fatigue.


  • plenty of storage space that allows you to store different tools and lures comfortably


  • some customers reported issues with zippers breaking after some time.

Okeechobee Fats Fisherman Deluxe Tackle Bag

This bag will be perfect for those who are looking to store smaller items as well! It has dividers that allow you to separate different lures and tools. it also comes with a shoulder strap so you can carry your bag around without issues.


  • plenty of storage space that allows you to store different tools and lures comfortably


  • some customers reported issues with zippers breaking after some time.

KastKing Fishing Tackle Bag

In case you want a tackle bag that is made of higher-quality material, this may be the one for you! It's very durable and gives you enough room to store all your important tools or lures. Plus, it has a waterproof coating so you don't have to worry about water damaging your belongings.


  • has 2 pockets with adjustable dividers for more space as needed


  • the shoulder strap isn't padded so it can cause discomfort after some time.

Flambeau 4007 Tuff Tainer

The last one is our list is this Tuff Tainer Tackle Box. It has a storage capacity of 3800 cubic inches which is definitely enough room for all the items you need while out on the water! Plus, it comes with 4 removable trays so it's easier to store different lures or tools.


  • it's reasonably priced and made of high-quality materials by Flambeau


  • some customers reported issues with plastic latches breaking easily. So make sure to check them before using this box. If they seem like they will break easily, best to use another latch instead.    

Can you make a DIY tackle box for kayak fishing?

Yes, you can make one! Just make sure the dimensions are right for your kayak. You will need to find out if there's enough room in your kayak or if it needs more space to store certain items you want to keep safe. If this is the case, you may need extra storage containers that fit in well with your boot size and deck layout.

For example, if you have a larger kayak then maybe go for a plastic container since they tend to be lightweight instead of getting something made of wood which might end up being too heavy to carry around while on the water. Also, remember that when using containers like these, it's important that they are waterproof so they don't let any moisture get inside. This goes for any type of kayak.

Step-by-step instruction

Materials you will need:

  1. 2 to 3 plastic containers for small lures
  2. 1 large container for smaller items such as tools
  3. a drill, screws, and a screwdriver

Step 1: Decide how much space you need. If you have a bigger boat then maybe go with multiple containers so your stuff doesn't get mixed up from one compartment to another. But if your boat is kind of on the smaller side then this might not be necessary. Just make sure that whatever container(s) you choose are made of durable materials like plastic or metal (if it's strong enough).

Step 2: Find out where the best place would be to put these storage spaces in relation to your kayak deck layout. This part can be tricky since every kayak will have a different deck. So when in doubt, just put your storage space somewhere where it's easy to access and won't get in the way while you're paddling or fishing. Just remember not to obstruct any movements that might be necessary for your kayak.

Step 3: Drill holes in the containers and attach them to your kayak with screws or adhesive strips. Make sure these areas aren't going to come into contact with water either because then they'll rust over time and that may cause damage to your boat as well as make it harder for you when you need to use them next time.

Once everything is done, all you have left to do is fill up these storage spaces with tools or lures! That's it, you're all set. You can even label them if you want to so it's easier for you when using the containers.

How can you modify a tackle box?

You can modify tackle boxes in many different ways! Since the design is usually pretty simple and straightforward, you can add your own personal touch such as including a special area to store tools or adding more compartments where you can store extra lures.

For example, if you need some extra space for larger lures then use a different container and put it in with this one so it's easier to organize everything. Or perhaps you want an extra compartment for supplies like nippers, pliers, etc. Then go ahead and add that in there too!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to modifying these containers. It all depends on what works best for your kayak fishing needs and how much room you have within your boat. If you have a larger kayak then you will have more room to add in extra compartments.

When you're making modifications, just always remember that if the modifications are going to be too heavy then it will affect your kayak while on the water and cause problems for you. So it's important to keep this in mind when adding or taking away things from these boxes or containers.

Final words

Tackle boxes/containers are great for storing all of your tools and lures safely while out on the water especially if they're waterproof! But make sure you get a good durable one with proper latches that can close properly otherwise they'll break easily which is why it's best not to use anything made of wood since they tend to break and warp easily.

And if you want to add in certain compartments for specialized items like larger lures, nippers, pliers, etc. then feel free to do so! Just make sure the modifications are suitable for your kayak and it will work well with its deck layout.

Also, remember that the weight of the containers might need to be considered when modifying them because if they get too heavy then that can affect your kayak's stability while on the water which is why it's best not to use anything really large or bulky unless you're using a different boat altogether.